Episode 145: Digital Mastery from the Agency Trenches with Matt “Matty” Lutes

You know that your online presence is essential in today’s business market and today we are excited to bring you Matt Lutes from the Dickerson Agency.  He is here to share with you some of the important strategies that you need to be implementing in order to attract the clients that you are ready to have.  From website design and blogs to social media and targeted ads, there is something here for you to add to your marketing repertoire.


  • Digital marketing is an ever-changing market so it is good to stay on top of the current marketing strategies
  • Google Search is the way most people find your business so it is important to have that good first impression. Make sure that your information is up to date on there to bring in your organic traffic.
  • Discover the importance of pictures on your website (and not just stock photos) but you also need to keep the page informative not just pretty.
  • Utilizing videos to invite and engage, but how long is too long?
  • Turn your blog into your social media posts, aimed at the audience of that media platform
  • The importance of responding to your google reviews and the proper way to interact with negative reviews.
  • Learn about keyword stuffing. Is it to your benefit?
  • Do not stress that you have not been posting however start now. Even one blog a month will help with your visibility.
  • Need blog topics? Look to Google to help you and don’t forget what you do for your community. It does not always have to be solely about insurance but about your insurance company.
  • Discover when you should get into the Facebook and Google ad game.


Resources Mentioned

Sign up for virtual training at http://uppfaststart.com

Become Unstoppable: http://beunstoppablebootcamp.com

About My Guest:

Matt “Matty” Lutes joined the Dickerson Agency team in 2017. Originally from Arkansas, Matt has lived all over the country, from Missouri to Alabama, New York to California, Louisiana to Georgia. He eventually settled back down in Atlanta in 2008. A recent graduate of GA Tech’s Digital Marketing certification program, with a background in event planning & fundraising, as well as restaurant management, Matt brings his unique perspectives as an insurance outsider to the arena.

Matt currently manages the daily operations, digital marketing, social media and website for the Dickerson Agency, as well as advertising and promotional materials.

Fun Facts:

  • Matt has several tattoos, all of which have been for various charity organizations.
  • Remembers way too many song lyrics and random “useless” facts.
  • Is Belinda Carlisle’s #1 Fan




Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!


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