Episode 30 : WOW Experience

Anything worth doing is worth doing with WOW! People will forget what you said. People will forget what you...

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Episode 29 : Accelerate Your Sales Growth

Have you ever been part of a great team? A team where you loved to come to work every...

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Episode 28 : Special Guests Jeff & Una Roy

It’s The Right Thing To Do This Unstoppable Husband and Wife Team have built a Mega Successful Agency, 4...

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Episode 27 : Special Guest Jeb Blount

Attitude & Mindset are a Choice In the demanding, stressful, and emotional world of sales the slightest inconvenience or...

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Episode 26 : Video Marketing

Videos Are Smoking HOT! Videos are SMOKING HOT right now, this trend will likely continue. If you want to...

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Episode 25 : Nurture Through Email

The URGENCY of Nurturing Your Herd You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. This...

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Episode 24 : Intranet

The Friction-Free Agency The only thing that matters is helping you build a business that supports the life of...

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Episode 23 : Snail Mail Your Team

Motivate Your Team – All of the Time Our encouragement and motivation doesn’t stop at the office.  We even use snail...

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Episode 22 : Written Guarantee

Remove ALL Doubt How can anyone you propose to do business with really know that every step of their...

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Episode 21 : Money, Money, MONEY

Are You Watching Your Money? We are so quick to say in our businesses that we are here to...

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Mike Stromsoe

Mike Stromsoe is widely recognized as a leading author, speaker and coach for the insurance industry. As an agent for over 29 years, and agency principal for 17 years, representing some of the nation’s largest insurance companies, he has written thousands of insurance policies. A prolific author, Mike has written and published dozens of articles, special reports and 5 books.

Mike started his current agency from scratch, which grew from 0 to $1M in revenue in less than 9 years.

Mike’s knowledge of his subject is thorough, his expression is passionate. As a speaker, his delivery style is captivating; he never fails to share insider secrets and helpful ideas that his audience can instantly implement.