Episode 126: 1 Billion Dollar Revenue

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made over the past year, or year and a half?  I was in a...

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Episode 125: Get a Grip on Your Business with Victoria Cabot

Victoria Cabot, President and Founder of Velocity6 Leadership, believes in the power of bringing teams together in order to...

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Episode 124: Winning Back Your Lost Souls

Are you aware that one of the top sources for your business could be those “lost souls”, clients that...

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Episode 123: The World’s Highest Paid Profession with Charlie Anderson

There are people that are natural-born salespeople but not everybody. For many, there is a fear of rejection resulting...

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Episode 122: Sales Growth (Encore)

Have you ever been part of a great team? A team where you loved to come to work every...

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Episode 121: Positioning YOU to Close More

The art of predisposition. You should always include a predisposition to the lead to automatically close them so that...

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Episode 120:This IA’s Making a Global Impact

Susan Shaw is an insurance agent that is trying to make a difference, not just for our clients but...

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Episode 119: Protecting People’s ASSets

Asset protection is a key component of what we all do. But you would be surprised how many of...

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Episode 118: Monthly Newsletter (Encore)

If someone asked YOUR client about YOUR agency in a grocery store, how would that conversation go? Would there...

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Episode 117: Your Mindset is Your Skillset

Today we are going to delve into the mindset.  Your mindset influences how you think, feel, and behave in...

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Mike Stromsoe

Mike Stromsoe is widely recognized as a leading author, speaker and coach for the insurance industry. As an agent for over 35 years, and agency principal for 17 years, representing some of the nation’s largest insurance companies, he has written thousands of insurance policies. A prolific author, Mike has written and published dozens of articles, special reports and 5 books.

Mike started his current agency from scratch, which grew from 0 to $1M in revenue in less than 9 years.

Mike’s knowledge of his subject is thorough, his expression is passionate. As a speaker, his delivery style is captivating; he never fails to share insider secrets and helpful ideas that his audience can instantly implement.