Episode 83: More Money for YOU

I am excited to delve into today’s topic on promotions and marketing strategies.  It is a topic that I...

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Episode 82: InsurTech from THE Legendary Source

When it comes to InsurTech, Frank Senter is the man that you want to talk to. For the past...

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Episode 81: The 80/20 Rule Is Always In Effect

Client segmentation is the topic of this week’s episode.  At its core is the Pareto Principle, that 80% of...

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Episode 80: Team Motivation is like Bathing… It’s Recommended Daily

A properly motivated team will propel your agency forwards to previously unattainable goals.   This week, I discuss a topic...

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Episode 79: Encore Episode – Your Client Avatar to Ultimate Profit

I am excited to bring you an encore episode of the Unstoppable Profit Podcast.  This episode originally aired in...

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Episode 78: It’s Better to Give Than to Receive

Patty Lares does not believe in giving up.   Faced with challenges in her youth, she had to quit school...

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Episode 77: Check Your Scoreboard

Numbers don’t lie!  In any business, you need to know your numbers.  What are your attraction and retention rates? ...

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Episode 76: The Easiest Money You Will Ever Make

The easiest money that you are ever going to earn or make, is the money that you are already...

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Episode 75: The Five Disciplines of Being a Social Media Authority

Daniel Seong has been in the insurance agency for 12 years, moving into it from doing mortgages.  He discovered...

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Episode 74: Size DOES Matter in the Niche Dominated by This Agent

Today we are joined by an incredible agency owner that has completely dominated a niche where SIZE does matter…...

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Mike Stromsoe is widely recognized as a leading author, speaker and coach for the insurance industry. As an agent for over 29 years, and agency principal for 17 years, representing some of the nation’s largest insurance companies, he has written thousands of insurance policies. A prolific author, Mike has written and published dozens of articles, special reports and 5 books.

Mike started his current agency from scratch, which grew from 0 to $1M in revenue in less than 9 years.

Mike’s knowledge of his subject is thorough, his expression is passionate. As a speaker, his delivery style is captivating; he never fails to share insider secrets and helpful ideas that his audience can instantly implement.