Episode 262: Why Masterminds Change the Game with Russ Castle

In today’s game-changing conversation, Russ Castle and Mike Stromsoe dive into the transformative power of mastermind groups. They discuss how being a part of these collaborative forums has not only led to a significant financial uplift for participants but has also fostered exponential growth in both personal and professional realms. They’ll share experiences from their own journeys, highlighting how mastermind groups have evolved their businesses over decades. Additionally, Russ and Mike stress the importance of preparing for and actively participating in these meetings, the impact of in-person interactions over virtual ones, and the crucial role of skilled facilitators. They’ll also touch on the upcoming mastermind pop-ups around the country, an opportunity for anyone looking to experience the power of strategic collaboration first-hand.

So, tune in to learn how to leverage the collective intelligence of mastermind groups to amplify your success and live life on your own terms.


  • Seeking answers, found inspiration, ready to act.
  • Mastermind sessions offer networking and powerful ideas.
  • Visionary leader chairs drive long-term planning success.
  • Experience in UPP, hold people accountable, mastermind meetings.
  • Importance of experienced leader in mastermind sessions.
  • Plan ahead, prioritize, and focus on essentials.
  • Diamond polishing, revenue increase, providing desired lifestyle.

About Russ Castle:

Russ Castle is a dynamic and seasoned insurance professional with over three decades of experience in the industry. As the CEO of Insurance by Castle, he has transformed a small operation into a leading insurance provider in California. Known for his exceptional expertise in niches, ethical professionalism, and commitment to unmatched client service, Russ excels in delivering tailored insurance solutions through a broad network of providers, ensuring the best coverage at competitive prices for a diverse range of clients including both businesses and individuals. His strategic leadership has fostered the development of key partnerships and cultivated a company culture focused on integrity and customer satisfaction, which has significantly contributed to the firm’s reputation and growth. Additionally, Russ is an author and real estate investor, dedicated to community service and empowering residential rental owners with his book, Growing Your Real Estate Empire, which offers insider knowledge on managing rental properties in California. His achievements include steering the company’s evolution from a local entity to a recognized name in the national insurance landscape and designing innovative business models that cater to the specific needs of residential landlord owners.

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