Episode 255: Mastering the Skill of Trust with Angus Reid

Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Angus Reid, a decorated former professional football player and acclaimed author. In this episode, Angus shares the profound importance of trust and how nurturing it is like tending a garden—requiring constant attention and care.

Angus will shed light on the transformative power of consistent, caring actions over contractual obligations, the strength of a ‘care first’ philosophy in leadership, and the essential role that trust plays in developing a successful business culture and personal relationships.

We’ll discuss the impact of Angus’s career on his approach to mentorship and how he helps shape the “real game” of life for young athletes. Angus’s insights on prioritizing what truly matters, like family and foundational principles, promise to inspire and guide.


  • Leaders must show they care to make it hard for others not to care. It requires consistent effort and acknowledgment of the value of others.
  • Consistency in trust is key.
  • Switch outlets, don’t become the brand, build who you are.
  • Trust is built through consistent behavior and repetition.
  • Trust and consistency are crucial in business and family dynamics, especially in challenging times.
  • Be sure to check out Angus’s book, “Thank You, Coach.”

About Angus Reid:
Champion Athlete – Best Selling Author – International Speaker

From a physical and talent perspective, Angus Reid had no business playing professional football for 13 seasons, earning multiple all-stars and winning two Grey Cup Championships. It was through his relentless determination and the extensive guidance of others that his dream became a reality.

Today, Angus travels North America speaking with companies, schools, and teams about what it really takes to make it and win. His successful TEDx talks, “Why We Need High School Football” and “Mastering the Skill of Trust” have garnered him both praise and respect.

Angus has recently released his first book – Thank You, Coach, which has already become an Amazon bestseller, expands on his never-ending gratitude for the good fortune he has been granted by those who have helped shape his success. He lives in Metro Vancouver with his wife and young family.


Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!

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