Episode 133: Your Key to Digital Marketing Success with Joshua Nadler


Joshua Nadler joins me in this week’s episode to discuss Digital Marketing.   Joshua’s business, Awesurance, is focused on helping independent insurance agencies with digital marketing and design.  Listen as we discuss his passion and drive for this line of work and discuss the strategies to use that could benefit you in your marketing outreach.


  • Joshua studied New Media in San Francisco and because the family was in the insurance business for almost 100 years, he has spent the last 13 years working exclusively in the independent insurance agency space.
  • He wants to help create those people who just can’t stop evangelizing about you, your service, and your business.
  • Utilizing geo-targeting in order to reach your audience and get your message out there.
  • Investing in Remarketing is one of the cheapest ways to do online advertising, and helps you stay in front of people for up to 18 months after their initial visit to your website.
  • The importance of mobile optimization in marketing for insurance agents.
  • Using social proof to appeal to the emotional aspect of buyers
  • Utilizing videos as testimonials rather than just written


Resources Mentioned

Sign up for virtual training at http://uppfaststart.com

Become Unstoppable: http://beunstoppablebootcamp.com


About My Guest:

Josh Nadler is a 4th generation insurance agency nerd. The insurance agency business is in his blood.

Digital Marketing and Design for Independent Insurance Agencies

Helping Independent insurance agencies create the highest possible ROI for their Insurance Marketing and nurturing campaigns using tactics and strategies focused on the most current relevant distribution channels.

Examples of some of the strategies we help with are Insurance Websites, Insurance Social Media, Insurance Video, Insurance Mobile Sites, Insurance SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Insurance Advertising (Social, PPC, Display Ads, etc.), Insurance Logo + Print Design and so much more.

If you are an Independent Insurance Agent and are interested in finding out how I can help you make more money and achieve all of your goals with Digital Marketing and Design techniques, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line and I’ll hand-craft a package that fits your exact needs & budget.


Schedule a 30-minute zoom call with Josh

Call: 650-740-7984


Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!


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