Episode 250: How to Take Ownership of Critical Change Part 1 With Dr. David Rodgers

This podcast episode has been brewing, both inside our minds, and inside our businesses. Today I engaged in an insightful conversation with Dr. Dave Rodgers about the crucial concept of taking ownership of critical change in business. Dr. Rodgers, an accomplished professional with over 35 years of experience in propelling business leaders toward success, shares valuable insights on the importance of ownership over buy-in, and the key steps to engage and empower your team in critical change. You can expect to discover proven strategies and actionable advice to drive change and foster a culture of ownership in their businesses. Don’t miss this valuable discussion that promises to equip you with the tools and knowledge to navigate change with confidence and drive measurable results.


  • A successful business leader, and how he turns dreams into reality efficiently.
  • Encouraging engagement and ownership among leaders and team members.
  • Engage without selling by identifying external drivers for change. These factors are beyond our control and must be responded to.
  • Suggest focusing on 3-5 shifts for success in upcoming months.
  • Leaders should train and challenge employees to think critically and grow.
  • Dealing with fear: Take action, small steps lead to success, safety and accountability are key for high performance.

About Dr. Dave Rodgers:

Dr. Dave is an accomplished professional dedicated to propelling others toward success, turning their dreams into reality swiftly and effortlessly.

Specializing in guiding mid to large-sized companies, he facilitates rapid transformative change, achieving breakthrough results and cultural shifts in months, contrary to conventional timelines. Dr. Dave ensures that the transformative processes implemented are transferable and sustainable long after his direct involvement.

Known for his unique ability to bridge opposites, Dr. Dave fosters shared ownership for results across various domains such as strategy and tactics, operations and human resources, sales and delivery, and inner versus outer growth mindsets.

His diverse journey, starting as a certified ski instructor and evolving through roles like project manager, product marketer, business manager, and organizational development specialist, reflects his breadth of experience. Academic achievements include two master’s degrees and a doctorate in Spiritual Science, a path unforeseen in his earlier pursuits.

At the core, Dr. Dave is a problem-solver and guide, finding fulfillment in working with people. He believes individuals have the resources within themselves, and his mission is to help them harness that knowledge practically.

Despite achieving numerous milestones, Dr. Dave remains committed to continuous learning, exemplified by his transformation from clinical obesity to maintaining an ideal body weight for years, a journey he plans to continue for decades. This commitment to learning, sustaining success, and sharing knowledge drives his work with executives and their leadership teams.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Dr. Dave enjoys golfing, cycling with friends, peaceful walks on San Diego’s beaches and neighborhoods, and cherished moments with his family. Married with three stepchildren and five grandchildren, he actively contributes to his church ministry, cherishing daily spiritual practices and quiet moments.


Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!

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