Episode 189: The Modern Life Insurance Policy with Vytas Skapcevicius and Samuel Howe

Have you heard of the Living Benefits policy?  This policy has been around for 20 years however the low number of agents that are aware of it is causing it to become the “Modern Life Insurance policy”.  Join me as I talk with Samuel Howe and Vytas Skapcevicius how this important life changing policy is coming more prevalent now than it has ever before and how it can both benefit your clients as well as your agency.


  • The Living Benefits policy is about helping people who are suffering from medical or physical situations that life insurance cannot.
  • This policy is spreading like wildfire through the efforts of the Alliance Group and PNC Insurers like Goodwill Financial, Inc.
  • Too many people do not want to think about life insurance. They buy and think that is enough.
  • PnC Insurers are in the prime position to make their clients aware of this policy. They have that established trust already.


About our Guests:

Vytas Skapcevicius

Founder President & CEO of Goodwill Financial, Inc. – Independent Insurance Agency located in Elmhurst, IL since 2005. Vytas earned his bachelor’s degree of Business Administration from Vilnius University Lithuania.

Personal goal – Protect as many people as possible with Living Benefits. Help P&C agents implement Living Benefits life insurance vertical in their agencies.

Mission – Protect Today, Prepare for Tomorrow

Skills: P&C agency management. Life Case Design from small term policy to complex premium finance life cases. Speaks 4 languages.

Loves Kamado grill cooking, world traveler.

Father to two beautiful daughters Emma & Luna.

Samuel Howe

Samuel Howe serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Alliance Group, headquartered in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area.  Samuel spends his time traveling around the country speaking to educating as many people as he can about the power of Living Benefits and tax-free retirement strategies.  He has written a book on those subjects, Next-Gen Protection, which has sold close to 10,000 copies to date.

Samuel resides in Atlanta with his wife, Dawn, his two young sons and a Labrador named Luna.




Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!

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