Episode 242: Using Data to Power Your Agency Profit with Sherif Gemayel

Having discovered that our stories are eerily very much alike, it is my privilege and honor to sit down with Sherif Gemayel. Sherif is an industry expert who once owned a successful tech-enabled agency in Canada and later started the tech company Trufla before selling the agency. Sharing how he used innovative technology to bolster agency profit. Sherif introduces the True Mobile platform, a game-changer for insurance policy servicing, which integrates AI-powered intelligence, real-time quoting capabilities, and agent-client interaction tools. The discussion delves into the advantages of independent agents over big tech companies, the challenges and opportunities in the insurance industry, and the key role of quick decision-making. Join us as we uncover the dynamic intersection of technology, customer service, and agency success in the insurance landscape.


  • Sharif Jamail founded Sharp Insurance, a successful tech-enabled agency in Canada, and later started the tech company Trufla before selling the agency.
  • Comparing independent agencies to tech companies as distributors, not builders.
  • Speed matters more than price in insurance. Fast quotes win opportunities.
  • True Mobile app: first in North America, AI and renewal intelligence for agents, focuses on customer relationships.
  • Measure ratios, analyze, follow up important.
  • Emphasizes 80/20 rule and independence in insurance.
  • Industry faces the challenge of data standardization, using carrier APIs to enhance value. 

About Sherif Gemayel:

With over 15 years of experience in the insurance and technology industries, I am a serial entrepreneur and an insurtech visionary. I founded and sold Sharp Insurance, one of the most innovative brokerages in Canada, and launched Trufla Technology, a leading provider of digital solutions for brokers.

As the CEO of Trufla Technology, I lead a team of over 140 experts in insurance software development, AI, data management, app development, and UI/UX. We deliver a complete digital transformation solution for brokers, enabling them to compete and grow in an ever-evolving digital landscape. With over 200 clients spanning the globe, our mission is to be the technology that powers the broker channel. I am passionate about disrupting the traditional way of distributing insurance, using trends from other industries to guide me through this uncharted territory.

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