Episode 222: What DO You Have To Sell with Christos Provistalis

Are you truly connect with your customers and understand what you have to sell?

I am extremely excited to bring on to the podcast Christos Provistalis. Get ready for an enlightening conversation as we dive deep into the power of human connection and understanding what you truly sell in your businesses. Christos brings his expertise in helping companies grow and impact people’s lives. The discussion also delves into the different methods of communication, from traditional phone calls to face-to-face interactions, and now, the rise of digital platforms like Zoom. Emphasizing the importance of deep and meaningful human connections that can only be achieved through in-person interactions. Christos provides practical insights and strategies for businesses to make emotional connections with their customers. They explore real-life examples and share their personal experiences to illustrate the power of such connections.

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  • Email lacks emotion and can be misconstrued, while face-to-face communication allows for a deeper understanding.
  • The importance of understanding what a company truly sells and how to connect with customers on an emotional level in order to effectively sell a product or service.
  • It is an energy formed between people when they feel seen, heard, valued, and understood. Building this connection is crucial in sales and leadership.
  • Emotional investment leads to less critical observation and stronger bonds.
  • Family conversation sparked insight on the love for work.


About Christos Provistalis:

Christos Provistalis is a seasoned hospitality professional with a passion for creating experiences and fostering genuine connections. As a Guest Service Manager for the renowned Walt Disney Company, he had the privilege of dedicating his leadership career to the prestigious Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.  During his time at Disney, Christos witnessed firsthand the transformative power of exceptional customer service and the impact it had on guests. Inspired by this, he embarked on a new journey after leaving the company—to share his knowledge and expertise with others.

As a sought-after speaker, Christos travels across the United States, sharing his insights with professionals from various industries.  Christos covers the heart of service, exploring the dynamics of human connection, emotions, self-awareness, and perception. Recognizing that exceptional service is not just about transactional interactions, but about creating memorable moments.  Through thought-provoking discussions and real-life examples, Christos empowers you to elevate yourself and leave a lasting impact on others both personally and professionally.



Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!


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