Episode 194: Show Me the DATA! – Seth Zaremba

After operating an insurance agency for over 15 years and all of the inefficiency, Seth Zaremba realized how much the individual insurance agency was paying for in in their own daily operations. So he began to think about how we are uniquely positioned and responsible for solving some of the inefficiencies that affect us uniquely in the insurance field.  This led him to develop NEON, that helps identify those inefficiencies in a unique way.  Listen to find out more how this can benefit you and your organization.


  • There’s a very finite number of tasks or inefficiencies that you need to focus on and NEON quantifies them and codifies them, allowing you to understand them and use them to lower your cost per transaction.
  • Your producers really only do five things and your service people only do about 25 things. And there’s only about five tasks going on an agency that that come from those things that are killing us.
  • There’s not only a cost per transaction inside of your agency, but there’s actually a cost per transaction inside of our industry.
  • If we can figure out how to reduce time and the number of manual tasks associated with the manual task, we can put the margin inside of an agency that has always been there, we’ve just never been able to draw it out of the ground.
  • By sharing data through NEON it creates the perfect circle of partnership that independence channel talks about but haven’t yet achieved.


About Our Guest:

Seth Zaremba is the founder and principal of Zinc Insurance in Broadview Heights, Ohio, and was named 2010 Young Insurance Professional of the Year by the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA National).   He also started B Atomic which is a collective of agents and carriers sinking the way things have been done, utilizing NEON, an innovative data platform.


Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!

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