Episode 177: The ONE THING You Must know to Win


Episode partner, Joel McKinley, joins me today.  I have had several requests to bring Joel on and you can only get it if you ask.  Those who work with us, know Joel and if you don’t, well you are going to learn more about him and what he does as we get into a conversation about what’s going on in the trenches in UPP as we are helping the top 3% of agents nationally. Learn what is happening in the industry to help everybody grow and become more.


  • The reason that people are not achieving what they want, is they’re not writing it down and continuing to look at it every single day
  • Look at your goals daily or at the very least the day before your weekly planning meeting.
  • That one big idea that could change everything, if you are not present, physically or mentally, you cannot get that gold nugget.
  • You need to be checking your numbers at the bare minimum on a monthly basis but know that the high achievers are checking more often than the bare minimum.
  • Make sure you share your goals with the team, especially when they change

Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!


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