Episode 270: Your Independence Fuels Your Freedom with Joel McKinley

Hey, entrepreneurs! In our latest episode, host Mike Stromsoe delves into leadership and independence with veteran and UPP’s Accountability For YOU Director Joel McKinley. Joel, who has served 5 tours, brings a wealth of military experience to the discussion, emphasizing how military principles can transform business practices. They cover topics like the importance of patriotism, trust, hard training, and open team discussions.

Mike and Joel explore the dynamics of high and low assertiveness in team settings, underscoring the value of trust, disagreement, discussion, and decisive action. They delve into the power of independence in achieving freedom and the importance of showing true care for your team. The conversation is rich with stories from Joel’s military service and practical strategies for leadership in business, emphasizing that it’s not about individual glory, but about the collective “we.” It’s a treasure trove of wisdom on creating a culture of growth, learning from mistakes, and moving forward with a “shark mentality.”


  • Recognize how people’s backgrounds shape their reactions and tailor leadership approaches accordingly.
  • Focus on shared objectives to unite teams and overcome adversities.
  • Being honest, though tough, is beneficial for team growth and trust.
  • Balance high and low assertiveness to foster constructive disagreement and discussion.
  • Implement disagreement, discussion, and decision to navigate leadership challenges effectively.
  • Prioritize tasks and listen actively to manage stress and leadership demands.
  • Cultivate a culture where errors are learning opportunities and trust is extended.
  • Provide a clear vision and allow team independence in execution for fulfillment and progress.
  • Value and defend independence and freedom both personally and professionally.
  • Continuously move forward and challenge oneself to avoid stagnation and remain unstoppable.

Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!

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