Episode 212: Inside The Circle

All things AI today as I speak with Torey Maerz the co-founder of Rocket Referrals turned Client Circle. We explore how AI can be used to better personal communication for companies while still keeping the human touch. Torey shares with us his personal story and how it shaped their company’s values, emphasizing the importance of putting people at the forefront. We also dive deeper into the evolution of Rocket Referrals to Client Circle and their comprehensive communication platform for the entire client experience. Join us as we explore the future of AI and creating a fully automated hands-off process from website form to sold policy.



  • Torey shares about his company’s ten-year journey with their brother, wanting to make a big difference.
  • Rocket Referrals name change to Client Circle to reflect their evolution from a referral generation platform to a comprehensive communication platform for the customer experience.
  • Client Circle built a Journeys product to help visualize and define customer paths, and also integrated their website-building process to work with Journeys product.
  • Referral algorithm branded as Circle AI uses AI to find people likely to recommend. OpenAI combined to create something unique. Excited and nervous about it.
  • AI will continue to grow and be a tool to bring out greatness. It won’t replace human interaction. 


About the Guest:

Torey co-founded ClientCircle with his brother, Carl Maerz. Throughout his career, Torey has spent 20+ years building software and leading technology teams in a variety of businesses across a range of industries—from education to asset management.


Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!

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