Episode 168: Winning The War For Talent with Andy Arter

Finding the right talent for your agency has become increasingly harder over the past few years.  Companies are spending more time and money on recruiting only to have 1 in three candidates arrive for the interview.
Andy Arter, the National Sales Director for Team Hired, joins me to discuss the challenges of finding great candidates who show up and do the right work, as well as the need for agencies to adapt to today’s competitive hiring market.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a disparity in expectations. The way that we hired a couple of years ago is completely different now.
  • Conversion rates (cost of recruitment to the actual number of hires) have shifted due to a larger number of opportunities for employment and how they are incentivizing candidates
  • Statistically, only one in three candidates will show up for an interview and it is the same ratio for retention on the annual basis.
  • In 2019 1 in 60 candidates were wanting to work remotely. Now it is 1 in 7.
  • Independent and Captive Insurance agencies will adapt their hiring strategies differently.
  • Utilizing a training program where you hire three team members and put the time and effort can alleviate the 1 in 3 annual retention rate so that when you do lose, you are not at square one.
  • Extend beyond your local market and look at remote candidates that can be the rockstar you are looking for.
  • Don’t mistake activity for productivity.
  • Discover the three Cs that lead to better hiring and retention; Compensation, Culture, and Career Path.
  • Consider the candidate’s perspective when hiring. When there are more jobs than candidates, you will have fewer applicants if you stick to the old hiring methodology.


About our Guest:
Andy Arter serves as the National Sales Director for Team Hired. Andy has served in Sales and Marketing roles for 10 years, produced over $10mil in Direct Business to Business Sales, worked for Real Estate Mogul and Sales Trainer Grant Cardone as a Top Producer, and works with several thousand agencies across the country on recruiting new team members. Andy takes enormous pride in helping clients build and improve their sales, marketing, and hiring processes. When Andy is not interfacing with our Clients, you can probably find him spending time with his Wife, Son, and 2 German Shepherds, and 1 Mini Aussie in the Florida Sunshine!








Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!


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