Episode 108: The $882,000 in Your Bank Account Podcast

After transitioning from working in the Insurance industry to retirement, our guest, Chuck Blondino, could not stop thinking about insurance.  In order to continue his love for this field, Chuck has moved on to helping other independent agents as a speaker, writer, and consultant.  Listen as we talk about what unequaled excellence can mean for you and your agency.


  • Out of about 27,000 sub-locations surveyed, 45 – 50% are struggling and another 30% are too busy to make recommended changes
  • The commonalities of the top tier agencies
  • How communication relates back to retention
  • Getting better at communication digitally with staff and clients as more online communication will be commonplace
  • The power of sharing your own personal stories to connect with others and increase retention
  • The influence that media and competition is having on insurance oversimplifying it with repetitive commercials, and the importance of connecting with agents that are local, not global
  • The necessary components to assist you with expansion
  • Understanding the monetary difference between 85% and 93% retention is significant


 About Our Guest:

Chuck Bondino is the Former Director of Agency Capabilities and Programs for Liberty Mutual Business Lines and Safeco Insurance.  He has created the “Customers For Life” marketing workshops.

In his career, Chuck has traveled to see thousands of independent agents at their offices and presented to thousands more sharing the growth tactics and thought processes proven to work by the fastest growing independent insurance agents in the country.
Today Chuck continues to seek ways to help independent agents reach their full potential and happiest lives as a speaker, consultant, writer, and thought leader.
Chuck is also a lucky husband, proud father, playful grandpa, and frequent golfer.



Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!


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