Episode 97: Put a Fence Around Your Herd with Monthly Newsletters


I have said time and time again, “If you want to reach 100% of the marketplace, you have to use 100% of the ways”.  We have discussed many avenues to do so, but one that has been swirling around the agencies lately has been the topic of monthly newsletters. In this week’s episode, I want to talk about using this medium to make new and stronger connections with your existing and potential customers.



  • The importance of elevating the customer experience
  • My early entrance into newsletters 2 decades ago and how it translates to today
  • What type of newsletters to use – paper, electronic or both?
  • The power of connecting with personal stories and pictures
  • Repurposing relevant content for the newsletter
  • Content and layout ideas for the newsletter that promote connection
  • Utilizing inserts to promote referrals
  • Stories of success that other companies have had with newsletters
  • Building your brand through the newsletter



Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!


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