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Less Is More

Welcome everybody. This is Mike Stromsoe coming to you live from the Living Agency Laboratory and we’re here for another episode of the Unstoppable Profit Podcast. I am uber pumped, uber excited, and uber grateful to have a top performing niche agency on the line today to share with you gold nuggets that you’d never heard anywhere else.

Here’s a a small taste of the interview for those of you who do not know the Unstoppable Russ Castle…

Russ Castle:

I’m third generation agent. I’ve been doing this, April 15th was end of my 28th, so starting my 29th years, so just coming up to 30. I did do a couple of years before with farmers. So I’ve actually been in the industry just over 30 years, but an independent broker, for 28 almost going on 29. Family; Wife, two kids, two grown kids, both just getting out of college. Our agency and our home is in Redwood city, at the Silicon Valley. When I took over or when I started working with my father 37 years ago, and he had worked for his father-in-law prior to that. Grandpa started in the 40’s, dad started in the 60’s, and I started, as I said, 30 years ago. We were generalist and probably about 20 years ago started really looking at niches and doing it.

Most recently we were very honored to be Rough Notes Agent of the month for March of this year. And that was a huge feather in our cap for as a team, not only just me. And our revenue, our numbers continue to just blow us away. And it’s all attributable to being a niche player, the efficiencies, etc.

One of the things I learned in Rough Notes that I really wasn’t aware of is where I stand versus other agencies because I’m always, if I can do it, everybody can do it. And I was told in Rough Notes that my revenue per employee is about triple of the national average, which just totally blew me away. But it’s a group effort and I attribute that to my team, it’s not just me. Thanks for asking Mike.

Mike Stromsoe:

Hey, no problem whatsoever. And I will second that and agree with what Rough Notes said. I am familiar with the numbers of a lot of agents all over North America and you, my friend, are at the very top of the charts. You’re to be highly commended for that. But I also know because of our relationship and what I know about your agency, it’s because of the niches. And at the end of the day, the niches are something that when you’re willing to do the work, because as you know, the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary, right?

Russ Castle:


Mike Stromsoe:

Okay. And you’ve done the work.

Russ Castle:

I think these are relatable to other people that are on here. At the stage I am in my career I always want to help them get back. So to relate to other people, I only have three employees and the numbers that we do are commensurate with, in my peers of people that have, like I said, three times, four times that many employees. I’m very proud. We were up to seven at one point, plus me, so eight of us. And I’m glad that we’re only, I don’t want to manage people. My business is set up and it’s fitting what I want to do. And so I’ve got rockstars in those three ladies but we’re a small office, so don’t look at this and if you’re hearing this and thinking, well, he’s huge. He’s doing X, he’s doing Y. There’s three ladies and me and when it comes to the habitational niche, it’s one lady and me. So anyhow, just trying to put in perspective more to people that are listening.

Mike Stromsoe:

Yeah. And we’re going to get to this a little bit later on in the podcast, but you’re living life on your own terms and there is a lot of people out there that would give a body part, and we will get specific on that in the podcast today, to be able to do what you do. And I hear it from not just my earshot, but a lot of other people within the industry that, no disrespect Russ, we’re talking behind your back out of deep admiration for what you’ve built. So kudos to you.

Russ Castle:

I feel honored and blessed and just because of a lot of people that have helped me, I want to do the same in giving back.

Listen to the podcast for ALL of the gold nuggets!

My friends, thank you so much for investing time today to learn more about just the beginning phases of niches and there are riches in niches if you’ll learn what you need to learn and do the work. Success does leave clues. Speaking of success, Russ, thank you for investing time today to be on this episode of the Unstoppable Profit Podcast.

Hey, everybody, thank you for spending time with us on this episode of the Unstoppable Profit Podcast and I can’t wait to bring to you even more success on our next episode, so make sure you continually tune in.

Until then, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable and leave no regrets!



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PS “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

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