Episode 56: Special Guest Jesse Parenti

Pizza Delivery to Canabis for this Insurance Risk Manager

Greetings everybody. This is Mike Stromsoe coming to you live from the Living Agency Laboratory.  Welcome to another exciting episode of the Unstoppable Profit Podcast.  I am so uber pumped and excited to let you know today I found another one. I have known this agent for quite some time. I’ve trained with him. He is an absolute top performer in our industry. I could not be prouder and more excited to have with us today, the one the only Mr. Jesse Parenti.

Who is Jesse Parenti?

Jesse, as a first-generation Italian, started in the food industry at the age of 10. This transitioned him into 25 years of hospitality service.  This became a focus for him as he leaped commercial insurance as an insurance risk manager, with a focus on the restaurant industry.  From there he became an influencer in the field as he expanded into pizza delivery and acquired one of the largest pizza delivery agencies from one the largest wholesalers.

It was only natural that Jesse was approached to step into a whole new world,  the Cannabis industry.   Together Mike and Jesse explore how this came about, the politics involved, and how he became the go-to guy for this industry niche.

Listen to the podcast for ALL of the gold nuggets!

Thank you, Jesse Parenti, so much for investing some time today on The Unstoppable Profit Podcast. We look forward to continuing to watch you flourish, and grow and just dominate marketplaces. Congratulations on your success.

Hey, everybody, thank you for spending time with us on this episode of the Unstoppable Profit Podcast and I can’t wait to bring to you even more success on our next episode, so make sure you continually tune in.

Now go out there and make a difference, be unstoppable and leave no regrets!



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