Episode 104: Slam the Back Door Shut


In today’s episode, I want to talk about slamming your back door shut. What does that mean?  While you are focused on getting new clients and obtaining new ventures, you may have clients slowly and quietly slipping out the back door. Now is the time to make sure this is not happening to you.


  • The importance of focusing on retention and reviewing your numbers
  • Finding the right coach for the right focus to ensure you are doing everything for your business
  • Having diversity in your team leaders skills is a definite asset to a winning team
  • Always staying on top of your scorecard with regular defined meetings
  • Increase your retention with the number of policies you can offer a client
  • Your scorecard for your agency should be based on the culture, the characteristics, the traits, and the makeup of your own agency business
  • Creating moments of check-ins with your clients that are not based on the renewal period of the policies
  • Strategies for handling those clients that have lapsed in payment that may increase retention


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Episode 95: The ORIGINAL IA App

Matt Aaron entered the app creation world early on knowing that it was going to become the large successful market it is today.  During an incident that made him realize that there was potential in the InsureTech business, Matt went on to create the Insurance Agent App, a way for clients to quickly and efficiently connect with their insurance agent.  Join Matt and I, as we discuss the importance of mobile technology in the insurance field and what it can offer to you.


  • His start in media and entertainment and developing online games
  • Having the foresight to get into app development while it was still in its infancy stage on apple
  • His inspirational story of what led him to the insurance world
  • Being connected to your customers through mobile technology
  • Not all apps are created equal. Be thorough and use your discretion.
  • The customizable app integration that Insurance Agent App offers to assist communication with clients
  • Upcoming features that are in development


About Our Guest:

Matt Aaron is an entrepreneur with the unique ability to bridge content platforms.

In 2012, Matt and his team developed Insurance Agent App – the premier service platform for independent insurance agencies & brokerages.  Insurance Agent App connects agencies with their clients and carriers BEFORE, DURING & AFTER events happen, automates digital convenience, and increases retention & profitability.

Recently, ACORD named Insurance Agent App one of the TOP 10 InsurTechs, and they continue to move the IA channel forward working with ACT – the Agents Council for Technology.

Prior to Insurance Agent App, the bulk of Aaron’s career was in media and entertainment with Paramount Pictures and CBS Corporation.

Aaron is an alumnus of Brown University, earned his MBA from UVA’s Darden School, and resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife and two sons.


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Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!


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Episode 69: A Decision Leads to Texas Size Action with Kim Dunahoe and Kathy Cooley

Kim Dunahoe learned the insurance business when she was young from her dad. He would take her outselling policies door to door. That hard work and persistence is what makes the Dunahoe Insurance Agency what it is today. Mike is joined by Kim and one of her valued team members, Kathy Cooley, to discuss how their recommitment to the company led to change and growth.


  • Moving forward with the right employees for progress and success
  • Developing a direction and getting engaged in the business
  • Learning to delegate to everybody’s strengths
  • Achieving goals and setting new ones
  • The importance of processes
  • Participating in masterminds to grow yourself, your business and your team
  • Taking time to educate yourself and your clients

About Our Guests:

Kim Dunahoe went to work with her father, Everett Dunahoe at Dunahoe Insurance Agency, Inc in 1981.  She has worked in many roles there from file clerk to a customer service rep to commercial line manager to office and project manager.   With the declining health of her father, the total operations of the agency became her responsibility.  Following his passing in 2016, she became the sole owner.

In addition to agency responsibilities, Kim is a member of the Order of the Eastern Star where she has held and continues to hold many positions within the local chapter and Grand Chapter of Texas.  In her ‘spare time’ she travels as much as possible, within & outside the lower 48, as well as spending time with family.

Kathy Cooley began her journey into insurance from a legal aspect.  She worked with an insurance group with insurance defense.   From there she took the next step in becoming a field agent with Dunahoe Insurance and has not turned back since.


Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!

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Episode 55 : Special Guest Russ Castle

Less Is More

Welcome everybody. This is Mike Stromsoe coming to you live from the Living Agency Laboratory and we’re here for another episode of the Unstoppable Profit Podcast. I am uber pumped, uber excited, and uber grateful to have a top performing niche agency on the line today to share with you gold nuggets that you’d never heard anywhere else.

Here’s a a small taste of the interview for those of you who do not know the Unstoppable Russ Castle…

Russ Castle:

I’m third generation agent. I’ve been doing this, April 15th was end of my 28th, so starting my 29th years, so just coming up to 30. I did do a couple of years before with farmers. So I’ve actually been in the industry just over 30 years, but an independent broker, for 28 almost going on 29. Family; Wife, two kids, two grown kids, both just getting out of college. Our agency and our home is in Redwood city, at the Silicon Valley. When I took over or when I started working with my father 37 years ago, and he had worked for his father-in-law prior to that. Grandpa started in the 40’s, dad started in the 60’s, and I started, as I said, 30 years ago. We were generalist and probably about 20 years ago started really looking at niches and doing it.

Most recently we were very honored to be Rough Notes Agent of the month for March of this year. And that was a huge feather in our cap for as a team, not only just me. And our revenue, our numbers continue to just blow us away. And it’s all attributable to being a niche player, the efficiencies, etc.

One of the things I learned in Rough Notes that I really wasn’t aware of is where I stand versus other agencies because I’m always, if I can do it, everybody can do it. And I was told in Rough Notes that my revenue per employee is about triple of the national average, which just totally blew me away. But it’s a group effort and I attribute that to my team, it’s not just me. Thanks for asking Mike.

Mike Stromsoe:

Hey, no problem whatsoever. And I will second that and agree with what Rough Notes said. I am familiar with the numbers of a lot of agents all over North America and you, my friend, are at the very top of the charts. You’re to be highly commended for that. But I also know because of our relationship and what I know about your agency, it’s because of the niches. And at the end of the day, the niches are something that when you’re willing to do the work, because as you know, the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary, right?

Russ Castle:


Mike Stromsoe:

Okay. And you’ve done the work.

Russ Castle:

I think these are relatable to other people that are on here. At the stage I am in my career I always want to help them get back. So to relate to other people, I only have three employees and the numbers that we do are commensurate with, in my peers of people that have, like I said, three times, four times that many employees. I’m very proud. We were up to seven at one point, plus me, so eight of us. And I’m glad that we’re only, I don’t want to manage people. My business is set up and it’s fitting what I want to do. And so I’ve got rockstars in those three ladies but we’re a small office, so don’t look at this and if you’re hearing this and thinking, well, he’s huge. He’s doing X, he’s doing Y. There’s three ladies and me and when it comes to the habitational niche, it’s one lady and me. So anyhow, just trying to put in perspective more to people that are listening.

Mike Stromsoe:

Yeah. And we’re going to get to this a little bit later on in the podcast, but you’re living life on your own terms and there is a lot of people out there that would give a body part, and we will get specific on that in the podcast today, to be able to do what you do. And I hear it from not just my earshot, but a lot of other people within the industry that, no disrespect Russ, we’re talking behind your back out of deep admiration for what you’ve built. So kudos to you.

Russ Castle:

I feel honored and blessed and just because of a lot of people that have helped me, I want to do the same in giving back.

Listen to the podcast for ALL of the gold nuggets!

My friends, thank you so much for investing time today to learn more about just the beginning phases of niches and there are riches in niches if you’ll learn what you need to learn and do the work. Success does leave clues. Speaking of success, Russ, thank you for investing time today to be on this episode of the Unstoppable Profit Podcast.

Hey, everybody, thank you for spending time with us on this episode of the Unstoppable Profit Podcast and I can’t wait to bring to you even more success on our next episode, so make sure you continually tune in.

Until then, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable and leave no regrets!



Mike Stromsoe
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PS “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

– Maria Robinson


Episode 54 : Mastermind Aha’s Part 2

The Power of Mastermind – Part 2

Welcome to episode 54 of the Unstoppable Profit Podcast. This is Mike Stromsoe coming to you live from the Living Agency Laboratory and today we’re going to be talking about the Power of Mastermind – Part 2 of the aha’s from our own mastermind experience.

We are consistently investing in ourselves to improve, personally develop and find new ways and strategies to continue to grow our business so that we can have more wealth and have more freedom to live life on our own terms. So, we bring to you from the ground trenches of our own personal training and development the aha’s that I personally got in my own personal masterminding experience.

You know when you get that little buzz  in your head when something is just flipping incredible, you have goosebumps on your arm… the mastermind experience is such an experience. I am in a mastermind environment with some of the highest achieving people out there. There are people that are a lot younger than I am that are doing just incredible things in this world outside of our industry. There’s incredible knowledge, wealth, ideas, business strategies and great business minds out there. So take advantage of that opportunity.

I’m going to start where we left off at the end of part one and we were talking about.. There’s two things in this industry, right?

New business and Retention

The new business side is selling, right? Selling and retention. We were talking about making sure that our pitch, whether it be new business or retention was on point, so we need to communicate.

We need to communicate verbally and in written form well.  You should be taking phone calls, you can be recording live presentations that you do. In today’s world zoom has become this new thing which has taken place of a lot of face to face communication, you can record these.  Now you have the audio, video and you transcribe these for the written form of your presentation. And you have all of these strategies to, what we strategically call in the marketing world, re-purposing.  Ultimately at the end of the day, if you ever end up writing a book, writing white papers, etc, etc, this is your content.

Listen to this episode for all of the exclusive strategies shared in the Mastermind Aha’s Part 2.

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Episode 52 : Mastermind Aha’s

The Power of Mastermind – Part 1

Welcome to episode 52 of the Unstoppable Profit Podcast. This is Mike Stromsoe, coming to you live from the Living Agency Laboratory.

Today, we are going to be talking about the power of mastermind, part one. Yes, I’m going to do something in this episode and coming episodes that I’ve never done before, because it’s so critically important to personal growth. One of the things that I say in front of our team, in front of other coaching members, in front of other business people that I get to interact with, and beyond that… In fact, I’m sure I say it in front of our kids and grand kids as well.  “Let me share something with you that I recently learned in my own personal development and training…”

Because, if we want things to change, we have to change and the day we stop learning is the day we stop growing.  My greatest encouragement is that you’ve got to continue to grow every single day in every single way. You are the result of the five people you hang around with the most. So, if you’ve got to put yourself next to other high performers who are just as driven or close to being as driven or who want the same kinds of results and grow together. It’s always better together.

We just finished up with our own mastermind training’s because our team consistently trains, develops, and works every single day to get better. So, I pulled out 13 of the top things that I just learned. It’s current, it’s relevant, and it’s going to be evolutionary for our businesses as we continue to move forward.

The mind works in images. So, “imagine this…” or “picture this…” and “what this means for you is…”.  If you’ll imagine this or picture this and figure out how you can insert it into your business strategy or operations and customize it, make it your own for yourself, for your teammates, for your customers in communities, you will begin to win more. You will continue to grow at an even higher level.

If you like what you hear on our podcast, if you like what you see in anything else that we do, if you are willing to invest three days live working ON your business, getting ready, getting your game plan ready for the coming year, come to our upcoming BeUnstoppable 2020 Bootcamp! join approximately up to 300 other high achieving agency leaders, and you will continue to grow in that environment. It is an absolute can’t miss. In fact, we believe in it so much that it will continue to impact people’s lives personally and professionally. It has 100% risk removal, aka a guarantee. So, you have nothing to risk.

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Episode 51 : Your Pause Cast

Wait a minute. Today’s not a podcast. It’s a Pause Cast!

Greetings, friends. Welcome to episode 51 of The Unstoppable Profit Podcast!

This is Mike Stromsoe coming to you live from the Living Agency Laboratory, and today we’re going to be talking about … Wait a minute. Today’s not a podcast. It’s a Pause Cast!

Yes, a Pause Cast. That was affectionately born right here in the Living Agency Laboratory during a one-day coaching session with one of our Platinum Coaching members.  I was sharing with them the strategy of the pause, and it’s so powerful when used properly, and that coaching member said, “Hey, when you get ready to teach on this, and I highly recommend that you do, call it a Pause Cast.”

So here we are, Episode 51 is a Pause Cast, and I want to share with you everything that I’ve learned so far about the power of the pause. If you will strategically make little shifts in everything that you’re doing within your sales organization, within your service organization, as you’re connecting with people, as you’re implementing strategies, not tactics, strategies.

Through my own personal training and development over the last 20 years, and a lot of the great people that I’ve learned under and from, and used, and taken action on in my own business operations, I’ve learned that the power of the pause is huge. I’ve watched them do it. I’ve learned the psychology of why it’s important, and at what moment it’s important to pause, and let them digest it, and let them feel the emotion of what was just said, and then at that point you go further into the conversation.

I’ve got a number of examples for you today that I’m going to share with you, where you can immediately take away from this pause cast and implement in your own business. Because I also learned many, many years ago, in my own personal training and development, that big doors swing on little hinges.

It doesn’t take huge shifts or huge swings in what you’re already probably doing really, really well, but sometimes those little shifts in the way you can do it can elevate your conversion ratios, your closing ratios, growing your existing book of business, and it’s not that difficult. So if you were to say to me, “Mike, what’s the one thing that you have learned more about in the last five years in business as it applies to your business than anything else?” I would wholeheartedly 100% say it’s the psychology of the human relationship in business. I have learned how to understand and do things in a little bit different way to make those shifts, which really has helped us just be a lot more effective in everything that we’re doing, in the insurance agency business and beyond that.

The power of the pause really came into my own world after I had learned about it, oddly enough, I was down at the grocery store one day… And this happens everywhere, and you can do this, and it’s such a door opener for furthering a conversation with anybody. So, I was checking out of the grocery store line, and I got my goods and paid and all that kind of stuff, and the checker said, “Have a great day.” And I paused. Here’s where the power of the pause comes in. I paused, I looked at the checker right in the eye, and I said, “There’s no other option.”

It was that pause that allowed me to connect with that person, eye to eye, in a way, heart to heart and soul to soul, and I looked that person right in the eye and I said, “There’s no other option.” And I do that all the time, everywhere I go, as I get to travel all across North America, and when I get in that position and somebody says, “Have a great day,” or they open the door for me to say, “There’s no other option,” I pause because I connect with them and they think about it. They go, “You’re right. There is no other option.” And I’m thinking, “Of course there’s not.”

We know that, right? It’s the power of the positive mindset.  At the end of the day they’re feeling, it’s back to the E plus F equals C, experience plus feeling equals connectedness, relationship plus trust equals money follows trust, we’ve done another podcast on this. When you create that experience and that feeling in people, the door is wide open. Wide open, my friends, for sale. We’re always in sales all of the time, 100% of the ways, 100% of the days. You’ve got to be thinking like that as a strategy minded business entrepreneur.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, listen to the whole podcast for more strategies of how you can implement the power of the pause within your communications to dramatically change your RESULTS!

If you would like to get more tools to grow your business and take it to the next level and beyond, you’re invited to join our team and hundreds of other forward-thinking independent insurance agency owners at the next BeUnstoppable Bootcamp October 26-28, 2020 in beautiful San Diego, CA!

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“BeUnstoppable Bootcamp has once again had a tremendous impact on my life and the future of my agency. Mike Stromsoe truly cares about the success of all of us here and I will never be the same person, father, husband, + leader.” 11/10

Andrew Kadera, Principal – Allco Fullerton Insurance – Fullerton, CA

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I hope this helps!  Until next time, go out there and be unstoppable, make a difference and leave no regrets!

Make it a great day, there’s no other options!



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Episode 50 : YOU Are The Trusted Authority

Welcome to episode 50 of the Unstoppable Profit Podcast, this is Mike Stromsoe coming to you live from the living agency laboratory. Today we’re going to be talking about you owning the position as the trusted authority in your customer’s marketplace.

In our referral programs we talk about earning and asking, which is fine, but we must continually deliver value and add and provide clarity, certainty, and simplicity for our customers. It’s not overly complicated, you MUST DELIVER!

Today I want to talk a little bit about you. Yeah you, you have greatness within you, you can do this, but we want you to own the position as the trusted authority in your customer’s marketplace. So how do you do that? If you don’t have something to write with and something to write on, I strongly encourage you to pause right now, get something to write with, get something to write on and let’s get going.

How do you own the position as the trusted authority

in your customer’s marketplace?

No. 1 – What exactly are you selling?

I learned this when I was 13 years old when I was working for my dad in the restaurant business. He said to me one day, “Hey Mike, you’ve only got one thing to sell, one thing that nobody can trump, one thing that nobody can make better than you can. It has absolutely no limits and you are a complete control of it… Son, it’s you!” What are you selling? It’s you, and I need you to be the number one cheerleader, the number one coach, the number one influence in their lives, their business lives at least, and personal lives, why not you? And why not now? For all of your teammates as well, we’ve only got one thing to sell. That’s you. That’s what we’re selling.

No. 2 – Humans connect with Humans

We are in a human relationship. I get the fact that the internet is out there. I get the fact that AI is out there. I get the fact that this massive onslaught of data is out there as well. But ultimately I believe in my heart of hearts, and more than likely for the rest of my time here on earth, there’s going to be a percentage, and 70% of people want that human relationship, maybe more. Based on the millions of people that there are out there in the world, you have unlimited opportunity every single day. So go attract some of it.

Humans connect with humans. They don’t first connect with brands, with companies, with products, with books, with websites, with magazines. They connect with other human beings. You attract humans simply by being human. Be yourself, be you. Be the most incredible version of yourself that you could ever possibly be and get better every single day. Next, make sure that you put a face on your business and your brand. Make sure that you put a face on your business and your brand. So the question is, and we’re not going to go into though a branding conversation today, but what does that brand look like and what does the face look like? It should be different for every organization. You should be uniquely you and who you are.

No. 3 – Your Medium and Your Content

I want you to think about, marketers out there, and sometimes the not so great marketers, that are really connecting with a largest segment of a marketing place, many marketers believe that content matters more than the medium. That’s not necessarily accurate. In my humble opinion, content doesn’t matter more than the medium. I’m not saying the content doesn’t matter. It does matter, but not more than the medium. The medium, or the highway that we’re connecting people with, or the funnel that we’re connecting with people within is what matters most. Then the content follows after that. The ideal or the object that seduces a marketplace, it puts the people and the community together where the buying transaction takes place.

I know that was a big mouthful, so understand that clearly. Okay. We’ve got to connect first. We’ve got to connect that human relationship with the human relationship and then supply the content and everything else that follows after that. Because at the end of the day, my friends, what you’re doing through all of this, you are exercising the fact, proving the fact that you are the authority. You are the authority.

No. 4 – Facts Tell and Stories Sell

Think about all the schooling, all the education, all the years of experience. If you have years of experience, and if you don’t, you’re about to get them. If you will stay strong through all of them. Think about everything that you’ve gone through. There were wins, there were lessons, and don’t forget this. Facts tell and stories sell. Facts tell and stories sell. So through your explaining to people how you’re the authority, tell the story of something that happens. Your clients and your prospects, they’re begging you to take the lead. Take the lead as the authority. People are silently waiting to be led. Take the position as their most trusted advisor for life. Give them mental and emotional comfort that you will be there for them all of the time, in every way and every single day.

We live in a 24/7 world. Don’t lose sight of that. We’ve got to be there for them and there’s lots of ways you can do that without it being you who’s working around the clock. You know my friends, what people want, like I said earlier, they want clarity, they want simplicity and they want certainty. They don’t want a lot. The power of three, they want clarity, they want simplicity, and they want certainty. They want a strong, powerful leader to lead them into managing their insurance program. You’ve got to act like the leader that you have become and you have to help your teammates act like the leaders that they have become as well. Let them know you understand the issues and the problems and all of that, and remind them and prove to them that you have and that you are the solution. They don’t need to look anywhere else.

It’s when we fall short of that, that we sometimes lose clients. I mean, obviously we can’t do anything about people moving out of state, God forbid somebody passes away and that kind of stuff, but the majority, we can, by letting them know that we understand empathy, not sympathy, empathy. Empathize with them, let them know that you understand their problem and that you are the solution. That’s the power of being independent. We work for you, the customer. We’re not beholden to any one company. We’ve got lots of choices to help you with a solution.

No. 5 – How do you distribute your authority?

Well, there’s lots of ways. In fact, the sky’s the limit. You can produce white papers, summaries, blogs, blogs, articles. You can put on seminars. You can do webinars, you can do Zoom segments, you can do radio segments, you can do a podcast. You can do press releases, you can create your own YouTube TV channel. The sky is the limit. Just do it. My greatest encouragement is, choose three or less. The best three ways to reach a particular marketplace. We have done a segment on the client avatar and the client profile summary, which helps you understand the conversation that’s already going on in the mind to that particular marketplace.

The next thing about your authority, it doesn’t even have to be you. Yes, it can be your face in your likeness, but it doesn’t have to be you actually doing it all the time. It doesn’t even have to be a real human. There’s people out there that have visuals, animals, and various other things that represent their business and their brand that are out there. It doesn’t even have to be a human because people connect with things that are sometimes not human. The aforementioned lizard. I mean, think about the empire that’s been built. Not that it’s our favorite competitor, but I mean, think about that for a minute. They’re connected to it. All right, so question for you. Who or what will be the face of your business, your product, your service out to your particular marketplace? Do you know? Do you have that ingrained? Do you have a game plan? Do you have a marketing blueprint for the next 12 months and beyond to make sure that you understand how that face, that connection, is going to be out there?

One of the godfathers of personal development was Napoleon Hill. His position was to begin with a book as a branding, positioning, and promotional tool. A book is a branding, and positioning, and a promotional tool, and it doesn’t have to be 200 pages. I will tell you I’ve had a hand in authoring six books and it’s amazing to me. It’s amazing to me what one little book, when you present it to somebody in a certain relationship building environment, whether it be one on one, a face to face meeting, a trade show and various other forums, if you will, how it just changes your authority instantly, it’s just amazing to me.

I got to, I get to, don’t lose that. Let’s pause for a minute. We don’t have to. We get to, I got to go down and speak to a group of industry professionals last month and they offered to set up a table to be a part of the trade show. I always love to do that because I love to connect one-on-one with people in that particular environment. So I always ship down two or three cases of books, and I just have them there. They’re a tool. They’re a marketing tool. So I have them there and I’ll sign them and all that kind of stuff. It’s amazing to me, I was looking at the booth next to me and there wasn’t anybody at their booth and there was this long line of people at my booth just waiting to get a hold of the copy of the book.

Okay, so you are the expert. All right? Turn your expertise into your marketing advantage and positioning. So what are you going to do to publish yourself now? Remember it’s a marketing tool. It’s not a business. It’s not the core of your business, it’s just a marketing tool. My encouragement though, however, is to build your back-end first. Because at the end of the day, if you put yourself out there to build this incredible authority that you are, it’s going to start to come. So you have to have the back-end built first so that you can handle the onslaught because it will come. Remember, like I said earlier, you must deliver. You must deliver all of the time.

The minute you stop delivering in every way, they’re going to go find somebody else. They don’t need you. They don’t have to do business with you. In today’s world of technology, they can move on a dime and they will. So you better deliver all of the time. Most importantly, don’t write the publication, whether it book, article, blog, vlog, where you’re speaking verbally or otherwise. Don’t write something or talk about something that you want to talk about. Write or speak about the things that the target audience wants to read or hear.  It’s all about them and never about you. It’s all about them and never about you.

In the words of Les Brown, one of my greatest speaking mentors that I’ve learned from, Les Brown said, “You’ve got greatness within you so long as you’re greatness within the marketplace.” You do, you’ve got greatness within you. You have incredible value. You’ve just got to share your greatness in the marketplace. Remember, you’re not the hero, you are the solution, you are the authority. Share your authority with the marketplace in a way that speaks to them. It’s not about you, it’s all about them. My friends, we want you to own the position as the trusted authority in your consumer marketplace. You must continually deliver value and add and provide clarity, certainty, and simplicity for your customers and my friends, everything that you would ever want hope for will be yours. My friends, I’ve been doing this for over three decades and simply implementing, executing, and taking action on these strategies has changed my life and it’s changed the life of our family generationally, and it can happen for you.

If there’s anything more that we can do for you, please let us know. Just go to www.unstoppableprofitproducer.com.

If you want to change your life in a faster way, go to www.beunstoppablebootcamp.com.  Sign up, come to our Live 3-Day BeUnstoppable Bootcamp in sunny San Diego, California! It will change your life forever. I personally guarantee it and if it doesn’t, you have no risk. We have a hundred percent, complete satisfaction guarantee. Just tell us, we’ll refund all your money and we’ll part friends. It’s really that simple.

I hope this helped you today. Remember, continually deliver value and provide clarity, certainty, and simplicity for your customers and for your marketplace and it will all be yours.

Get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets. I’ll see you on the next episode!



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Episode 48 : Your Next BIG Bank Deposit

Your Next BIG Bank Deposit Must Stop People in their Tracks

I get to work with agency entrepreneurs all over North America and constantly, constantly the conversation somehow, someway, at some point circles back to new business, attracting prospects, filling the funnel, having enough people in their pipe. Remember your pipe is your life and sales, your pipe must be full 90 days out or you’re going to be hungry this month.  At the end of the day, how do you get people in your pipe? How do you get people’s attention? How do you stop them in their tracks?

How do you stop them from what they’re doing? It’s absolutely critically important that you understand the power of a headline. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Your next big bank deposit is all around the power of a headline. And if you learn the psychology, the wording and everything else that’s necessary to create killer marketing headlines or communication headlines for your existing marketplace or any marketplace that you want to penetrate, you will be making bigger bank deposits all the time.

One of the greatest learning opportunities that I had in my career a number of years ago, I got involved in a workshop that was all about writing copy. And I invested a lot of time and resources in this workshop and I learned how to write copy and I learned the power of a headline. I also learned that 67% of all marketing success is the headline.

So out of 100% of the time that you’re going to invest in creating a marketing campaign and creating content for that marketing campaign, at least 70% of your time invest must be invested in that headline to get their attention. The headline must be compelling enough to stop the prospect from what they’re doing and grab their attention. That’s where the three M’s of marketing come into play. And if you haven’t heard our podcast on the Three M’s of Marketing, check it out here:

Episode 6: The Three MMM’s of Marketing

Yes, marketplace, message and media. You’ve got to understand your marketplace out there and who you’re trying attract, what the ideal prospect looks like in that marketplace. Then you must understand the message that you’re going to convey. This is going to be compelling to stop them in their tracks. And the third one is for media. What kind of media are you going to get out there to that particular marketplace?

You’ve got to list your biggest benefits in the headline. Generally, at least your single biggest benefit, your big promise to them, it should be included in that headline.  Then you’ve got to deliver that big promise and they have to see the WIIFM because remember they’re playing that radio station in the back of their mind all of the time. Brainstorm lots of headlines. I’ve got big whiteboards here in the living agency laboratory home front and I consistently brainstorm things on these whiteboards to make sure that I find the fit, and then use classic headline formulas. If you would like a list of 600 headlines and some of the more proven headlines that I’ve learned over time, send us an email to [email protected] and put in the subject line ‘Headline Millionaire’ and we will kick back to you our list of proven headlines.

What does that mean for you? If you learn how to do this right, you will instantly increase your ROI on your marketing and content efforts both online and offline!

I hope you have lots of notes, but as we talk about in the Unstoppable Profit Producer Program and our circles, talking about it is not going to do it. Thinking about it is not going to do it. Only action. So anything you learned today, please go implement, execute, and take action.

What more can we do for you?



Mike Stromsoe

PS Everything you say, everything you write, everything you do must stop people in their tracks from a marketing standpoint. And don’t forget, if you’d like to learn more about all of this and so much more live, our next bootcamp is coming up. I personally guarantee that it will change your life.

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Episode 47 : Your Authority Dominance

Your Authority Dominance

You have an incredible opportunity before you to completely dominate the entire geographical sphere within 50 miles of any business that you get to operate and well beyond that. But before you begin to dominate, say your entire state, say your entire geographical region and beyond that, you’ve got to really set the foundational precedent for your local geographical area.

You begin to find out how to position yourself and your brand in the markets that you wish to dominate because it’s all about who you are.  One, be the influence, continue to build yourself as a leader, as a person, as an influencer, everywhere around you.  Two, make sure you have a solid brand guide telling your businesses story and who you are. Three, identify the key centers of influence that you want to get next to and go after them.

Four, be vulnerable. Open up. The more you open up, the deeper and the more authentic and clear the connection. I mean, think about it in your personal relationships.  The more you open up, the more depth … everything about you, the better the relationship, right? People want to do business with real, authentic, genuine people. Be vulnerable.

Number five, share your story after you ask them to share theirs, but share your story. Get really good at sharing your story so that it’s of influence, so that it’s something that people want to hear about. Number six, be the authority. Become the authority and don’t be afraid to share your authority. Number seven, E+ F = C, R + T + MFT, experience plus feeling equals connection. Relationship plus trust equals money follows trust.

And last, less is more. Make that wow pop, significant, wondrous and just amazing. Leave them without words.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you grow your business, so you can have more FREEDOM to live life on your terms!

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!  We are so very grateful for you!

What more can we do for you?



Mike Stromsoe

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