Episode 208: Planned Pro-Active Disruption with Jesse Parenti

Are you ready to revolutionize your approach to risk management and take your insurance business to new heights? Tune in as I explore the world of proactive risk management with Jesse Parenti, an expert in the insurance industry. Jesse shares his valuable insights from working in the unique niches of the pizzeria and cannabis industries, and how his focus on company culture, safety, and accountability has led to his success.


  • If you come in with an idea of solving a problem, not quoting insurance, that’s really the beginning of separating yourself from what everyone else is doing the industry.
  • Establishing your CSA – Culture, Safety and Accountability
  • If you actually help people be proactive, they will trust you in a way that no one has.
  • The OSHA safety code is the bible of safety, and issues with an employee can often be resolved with effective communication between HR and Safety departments.
  • Ensure that you have built accountability into your culture
  • Create a leadership that is focused on the pro-active rather than the reactive.
  • Why should people do business with your company over and above all of the options available to them? Because you already have you CSA proactively in place.


About our Guest:

As Founder of JP Squared Consulting, a risk management company, Jesse Parenti offers over 17 years of commercial lines risk management, specializing in protecting the transportation and food delivery industry and over 7 years in the Cannabis industry nationally.

His key client base includes last mile delivery, pizza and food delivery, cannabis cultivators, extractors, manufacturers, B2C delivery, B2B transportation and distribution organizations, including full vertically integrated operators and MSO’s. He helps create custom solutions as a trusted risk advisor using safety, consulting, HR and insurance placement.

Jesse has been a proud associate member of multiple business organizations and advocacy groups to build and nurture key relationships and continue to grow his business:

You can contact Jesse at:

Mobile: 805-704-6607

[email protected]


Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!

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