Episode 54 : Mastermind Aha’s Part 2

The Power of Mastermind – Part 2

Welcome to episode 54 of the Unstoppable Profit Podcast. This is Mike Stromsoe coming to you live from the Living Agency Laboratory and today we’re going to be talking about the Power of Mastermind – Part 2 of the aha’s from our own mastermind experience.

We are consistently investing in ourselves to improve, personally develop and find new ways and strategies to continue to grow our business so that we can have more wealth and have more freedom to live life on our own terms. So, we bring to you from the ground trenches of our own personal training and development the aha’s that I personally got in my own personal masterminding experience.

You know when you get that little buzz  in your head when something is just flipping incredible, you have goosebumps on your arm… the mastermind experience is such an experience. I am in a mastermind environment with some of the highest achieving people out there. There are people that are a lot younger than I am that are doing just incredible things in this world outside of our industry. There’s incredible knowledge, wealth, ideas, business strategies and great business minds out there. So take advantage of that opportunity.

I’m going to start where we left off at the end of part one and we were talking about.. There’s two things in this industry, right?

New business and Retention

The new business side is selling, right? Selling and retention. We were talking about making sure that our pitch, whether it be new business or retention was on point, so we need to communicate.

We need to communicate verbally and in written form well.  You should be taking phone calls, you can be recording live presentations that you do. In today’s world zoom has become this new thing which has taken place of a lot of face to face communication, you can record these.  Now you have the audio, video and you transcribe these for the written form of your presentation. And you have all of these strategies to, what we strategically call in the marketing world, re-purposing.  Ultimately at the end of the day, if you ever end up writing a book, writing white papers, etc, etc, this is your content.

Listen to this episode for all of the exclusive strategies shared in the Mastermind Aha’s Part 2.

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Until next time, get out there and Make a Difference, Be Unstoppable and Leave No Regrets!


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