Episode 84: Follow the Money with John Mason & His Beer Drinking Pig

In this episode, we are going to continue the conversation about promotions and marketing.  I am excited to have John Mason join us to discuss his experience with growing and selling multiple agencies, the importance of having the right employees, and marketing strategies he has used to lead his agency into its success.


  • Getting as much back as you give
  • The purpose of Chenango Brokers
  • Working on the business not necessarily in the business, having employees that ultimately replace you so you can focus on the bigger things
  • Online and offline marketing strategies aimed at specific geographical locations
  • The use of personality marketing
  • The commercial success of the Beer Drinking Pigs
  • Marketing yourself. What to do when looking to purchase an agency


About our Guest:

John Mason is a rebel in the American insurance industry. He had every reason to fail: no education, not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and comes from a poor ramshackle town in the middle of upstate New York. Over the last thirty years, this street-smart entrepreneur has used unique marketing and management ideas to march into New York City and buy five brokerages, expand his brokerage network into 20 states, while relaxing at his home in the Caribbean.

John N. Mason, CIC started Chenango Brokers over 30 years ago and since then he has consulted numerous agencies across the United States and Canada and expanded the business into what it is today.


John’s book: Follow the Money

Beer Drinking Pigs Ad: https://youtu.be/cAlQC2fVl4U


Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!

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