Episode 63: Special Guest Jose Soriano

The Unstoppable Jose Soriano, co-owner of Global First Insurance and Tax Services, joins us on this week’s episode.  Jose is also the founder of the Business Owner’s Alliance.    Today’s topics include:

  • Jose’s drive to be a leading an innovative company
  • Moving forward even during the current crisis
  • Providing training access to team members in an inventive manner
  • Daily habits that contribute to success

About My Guest:

In 2008, Jose Soriano was introduced to the insurance industry at only 18 years old.  In just 6 months, he became the #1 producer helping over 110 families in just one month.  In 2012, he and his wife, Karla, made one of the most important decisions of their life – to open their agency.   They felt they could truly make a difference and positively impact many people’s lives in the process.  Since then they have helped thousands of families insure their future.  Always looking forward, their goal is to provide value to everyone they meet.   Their goal is legendary impact as they help pave the way for the agencies of the future.

Jose and Karla travel all over the U.S. attending seminars and training classes to ensure they are becoming more every day, being of value to their customers, and are up to date on all the changes that their industry is facing.  He and Karla have 20+ years of insurance industry experience, combined.


Find out more at Myglobalfirst.com


Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!



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