Episode 47 : Your Authority Dominance

Your Authority Dominance

You have an incredible opportunity before you to completely dominate the entire geographical sphere within 50 miles of any business that you get to operate and well beyond that. But before you begin to dominate, say your entire state, say your entire geographical region and beyond that, you’ve got to really set the foundational precedent for your local geographical area.

You begin to find out how to position yourself and your brand in the markets that you wish to dominate because it’s all about who you are.  One, be the influence, continue to build yourself as a leader, as a person, as an influencer, everywhere around you.  Two, make sure you have a solid brand guide telling your businesses story and who you are. Three, identify the key centers of influence that you want to get next to and go after them.

Four, be vulnerable. Open up. The more you open up, the deeper and the more authentic and clear the connection. I mean, think about it in your personal relationships.  The more you open up, the more depth … everything about you, the better the relationship, right? People want to do business with real, authentic, genuine people. Be vulnerable.

Number five, share your story after you ask them to share theirs, but share your story. Get really good at sharing your story so that it’s of influence, so that it’s something that people want to hear about. Number six, be the authority. Become the authority and don’t be afraid to share your authority. Number seven, E+ F = C, R + T + MFT, experience plus feeling equals connection. Relationship plus trust equals money follows trust.

And last, less is more. Make that wow pop, significant, wondrous and just amazing. Leave them without words.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you grow your business, so you can have more FREEDOM to live life on your terms!

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!  We are so very grateful for you!

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Mike Stromsoe

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