Episode 51 : Your Pause Cast

Wait a minute. Today’s not a podcast. It’s a Pause Cast!

Greetings, friends. Welcome to episode 51 of The Unstoppable Profit Podcast!

This is Mike Stromsoe coming to you live from the Living Agency Laboratory, and today we’re going to be talking about … Wait a minute. Today’s not a podcast. It’s a Pause Cast!

Yes, a Pause Cast. That was affectionately born right here in the Living Agency Laboratory during a one-day coaching session with one of our Platinum Coaching members.  I was sharing with them the strategy of the pause, and it’s so powerful when used properly, and that coaching member said, “Hey, when you get ready to teach on this, and I highly recommend that you do, call it a Pause Cast.”

So here we are, Episode 51 is a Pause Cast, and I want to share with you everything that I’ve learned so far about the power of the pause. If you will strategically make little shifts in everything that you’re doing within your sales organization, within your service organization, as you’re connecting with people, as you’re implementing strategies, not tactics, strategies.

Through my own personal training and development over the last 20 years, and a lot of the great people that I’ve learned under and from, and used, and taken action on in my own business operations, I’ve learned that the power of the pause is huge. I’ve watched them do it. I’ve learned the psychology of why it’s important, and at what moment it’s important to pause, and let them digest it, and let them feel the emotion of what was just said, and then at that point you go further into the conversation.

I’ve got a number of examples for you today that I’m going to share with you, where you can immediately take away from this pause cast and implement in your own business. Because I also learned many, many years ago, in my own personal training and development, that big doors swing on little hinges.

It doesn’t take huge shifts or huge swings in what you’re already probably doing really, really well, but sometimes those little shifts in the way you can do it can elevate your conversion ratios, your closing ratios, growing your existing book of business, and it’s not that difficult. So if you were to say to me, “Mike, what’s the one thing that you have learned more about in the last five years in business as it applies to your business than anything else?” I would wholeheartedly 100% say it’s the psychology of the human relationship in business. I have learned how to understand and do things in a little bit different way to make those shifts, which really has helped us just be a lot more effective in everything that we’re doing, in the insurance agency business and beyond that.

The power of the pause really came into my own world after I had learned about it, oddly enough, I was down at the grocery store one day… And this happens everywhere, and you can do this, and it’s such a door opener for furthering a conversation with anybody. So, I was checking out of the grocery store line, and I got my goods and paid and all that kind of stuff, and the checker said, “Have a great day.” And I paused. Here’s where the power of the pause comes in. I paused, I looked at the checker right in the eye, and I said, “There’s no other option.”

It was that pause that allowed me to connect with that person, eye to eye, in a way, heart to heart and soul to soul, and I looked that person right in the eye and I said, “There’s no other option.” And I do that all the time, everywhere I go, as I get to travel all across North America, and when I get in that position and somebody says, “Have a great day,” or they open the door for me to say, “There’s no other option,” I pause because I connect with them and they think about it. They go, “You’re right. There is no other option.” And I’m thinking, “Of course there’s not.”

We know that, right? It’s the power of the positive mindset.  At the end of the day they’re feeling, it’s back to the E plus F equals C, experience plus feeling equals connectedness, relationship plus trust equals money follows trust, we’ve done another podcast on this. When you create that experience and that feeling in people, the door is wide open. Wide open, my friends, for sale. We’re always in sales all of the time, 100% of the ways, 100% of the days. You’ve got to be thinking like that as a strategy minded business entrepreneur.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, listen to the whole podcast for more strategies of how you can implement the power of the pause within your communications to dramatically change your RESULTS!

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I hope this helps!  Until next time, go out there and be unstoppable, make a difference and leave no regrets!

Make it a great day, there’s no other options!



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