Episode 44 : Ultimate Client Avatar

Your Client Avatar To Ultimate Profit

An ideal client profile should be based on interviews and research from your existing and lost clients, prospects, and your team members. The end result is that you create a ideal client avatar whom embodies your best client.

The client profile map will give you a better understanding of how your ideal client makes decisions, what keeps them up at night, what their expectations are from their insurance agent, and the average sales cycle for each type. Using this information, you can mold your sales process to your prospects. This will help you to better understand when to provide the proposal, what type of nurturing campaigns you should set up, what information the prospect needs and when, and how often you should communicate with the potential client.

Creating an ideal client profile — or a few — will help you to attract, qualify, and sell to only these clients. And this is how you can truly stand out from the competition.

This process can also be used for identifying your ideal referral partners, your ideal acquisition prospects and the list goes on.  Most importantly you must remember, “it’s all about them and never about you.”

Now go out and implement, execute and take action!

Thank you for the opportunity to help your grow your business, create financial security and have more freedom to live life on your terms!

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