Episode 39 : Team First

When I started in 1986 I began selling homeowners insurance out of the gold book, an annual that was published by every county in California showing all information of about residential property. I helped my dad grow his agency until 1998, when by mutual agreement I ventured out to start my own scratch agency.

When I left to my own devices I discovered how critically important the 3rd P was going to be to my success, if not my very existence.  I discovered I was somewhat of a natural at marketing and that was key .  When you think about it the insurance business is really pretty simple, the same as every other business, you need to get more clients and keep the ones you’ve got.  It’s that it in a nutshell.  To be successful at this you must design and implement ways to serve the client better than anyone else.

Of course while that concept is simple, the implement implementation is a bit more complex.  You need to understand the client so well that you can sit in their chairs and imagine the risks that they face in both their business and personal lives and then determine the optimal way to mitigate or transfer that risk.  And no one person can do this on their own.

I recognized early on that I needed to build a team of people who would compliment each other’s abilities so that our agency could provide the best protection, help out when claims occurred and be consistently proactive.  In essence the, the agency started with me, but I knew it had to end with us.

I hope this podcast helps you create the team that will take your agency business to the next level and beyond!

Now implement, execute and take ACTION!

What more can we do for you?



Mike Stromsoe

The Unstoppable Profit Producer

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