Episode 38 : Become The Leader You Would Follow – Part 2

Develop The Leaders Around You…

Welcome to Part 2 of Becoming The Leader You Would Follow.  In Part 1 of this series you learned the about the first 2 keys of 4 to leading a successful team (Episode 37) :

1. Training & Coaching

2. Team Motivation

In this podcast you will discover the next two key factors in developing a highly successful team:

3. Team Accountability –

Leaders have a huge challenge when it comes to accountability.  They must both visibly model personal accountability and instill accountability in their team members.

When people don’t feel accountable, they drop to the lowest possible level of performance that their leader will accept. The accountable leader assumes responsibility for all team members, vendors, customers, and the organization as a whole. These leaders help team members shift into the “high” performance zone. This zone is where team members do their best to take responsibility for their individual success and for the success of the team and the organization.

4. Developing The Leaders Around You –

Why do some people achieve great personal success, yet never succeed in building a business or making an impact in their organization?

It’s not enough for a leader to have vision, energy, drive, and conviction. If you want to see your dream come to fruition, you must learn how to develop the leaders around you. Whether you’re the leader of an independent insurance agency, non-profit organization, or Fortune 500 company, Developing the Leaders Around You can help you to take others to the limits of their potential and your organization to a whole new level.

I hope this helps.  If you can take just one thing out of this podcast series and implement it within your agency business, you will be well on your way to becoming the leader you would follow!

No go make a difference, be unstoppable and leave no regrets!

What more can we do for you?


Mike Stromsoe

The Unstoppable Profit Producer

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