Episode 25 : Nurture Through Email

The URGENCY of Nurturing Your Herd

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. This saying applies to so many situations – dating, interviews, writing, reading and the list goes on.

First impressions set the tone and are often impossible to reverse. This is true in almost every aspect of life, and it is especially true in email nurturing.  The initial impression of your marketing campaign can make or break the future decisions made by your prospect and/or client and the ongoing relationship you create.  Connecting with (and being CONNECTED) with and nurturing anyone, how do you avoid having the door slammed in your face?  How do you drive real engagement?

By bringing VALUE and sharing the UNEDITED truth about you and your business..… the MORE you give, the will come back to you. Email nurturing is just what it says it is NURTURING, Not Selling.  You want to build the Relationship because when it comes down to it, it’s ALL About The Relationship!!!

It’s amazing how things come back around, when you least expect them.  Our agency recently sent out an email to our existing clients, subject line read Hot Weather Survival…<F. Name>, What you need to know…  I received a reply email from one of our clients that said, “Hey Mike, thanks for the great information. By the way, Do you have general liability, property, casualty, etc. for churches – represent Brotherhood Mutual or similar?  I am now treasurer at my church.”

Just goes to show, that helping people –even when there’s nothing in it for you– can lead to great rewards in the future.  Be good to others, share with them and nurture them, can’t think of anything more ‘social’ than that.  Bring your prospects and clients valuable information right when they need it!

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Happy nurturing,

Mike Stromsoe
Creator of the Unstoppable Profit Producer Program™

[email protected]



PS  IMHO, the ONLY time you should ever approach selling in your nurture email, is on the PS…and is very situational.

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