Episode 120:This IA’s Making a Global Impact

Susan Shaw is an insurance agent that is trying to make a difference, not just for our clients but for the world overall.  Join Susan and I as we discuss the impact she is making through her agency, her volunteer work, and her fundraising endeavors that are making a difference in thousands of lives. Susan shows us what it means to live in alignment with your integrity.


  • Her path to taking over her father’s insurance company and growing into something that gives back to the community as a whole
  • Her time working in the Chamber of Commerce mentoring upcoming small business owners
  • Her daughter’s initiative to start Goals for Bowls which helps feed people in need in other countries.
  • Inspiring others to help achieve these global goals and vision
  • Her adventures in Botswana including run away hippos and being pulled over for suspicion of human trafficking
  • How these experiences have changed her global outlook on life
  • Her thoughts and suggestions for business entrepreneurs who have been thinking of attempting to make a difference in the community


About our Guest:

Susan C. Shaw – Chief Operating Officer

Susan, as COO, is the engine that drives Goals For Bowls. As a super soccer mom, she sites her greatest passions as watching Sarah play “the beautiful game” and serving others in her community and around the world. She serves on several non-profit boards across DFW and spends hundreds of hours volunteering each and every year for various causes that are close to her heart. You can find her networking at various HEB Chamber of Commerce events, shipping #GFB products from Shaw Insurance Agency in Hurst, TX, fundraising all over DFW, and taking pictures behind the camera on mission trips! We could not do what we do without Mama Shaw, our real “MVP”!


Goals For Bowls:  https://goalsforbowls.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susan-shaw-1230a9a/

Shaw Insurance Agency:  https://www.shawinsuranceagency.com/



Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!


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