Episode 49 : Selling A Players

Selling ‘A’ Team Players

I learned from Earl Nightingale and his magical iconic game-changing book from 1955 called The Strangest Secret,  that we are in sales all of the time.  Every single day, every single way, personally and professionally. To give you an example, if you have children, we’re selling our children all the time on the value of doing right, not wrong.  Telling the truth, not lying.  Being punctual, not being late.  In all of that, we are selling them.  Selling, selling all of the time, including selling A players to become a part of your agency team.

I have studied this intensely, and I’m going to come to you with some of the newest stuff that I’ve learned and I’ve never taught before.  I want you to have this so that you can take it forward and find more of the ‘A’ team players or the best.  Hire the BEST, not the best available. If you want to have a world class organization that is humming on all cylinders without you, you’ve got to have the best team members.

I can tell you stories upon stories upon stories from people that I work with all over North America who thought that they had a great team in place. They were humming. They were ready to kill it, and one of them quit. One of them moved on. You never, never know… that’s why you MUST ‘Always Be Recruiting’!

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