Episode 34 : Staying In Front of Your Marketplace Part 3

Interact, Nurture & Engage

One of my greatest mentors said, “Never be settled, complacency kills and never arrive.”

You have won the business, now what?  Now you must build the relationship through consistent interaction and engagement.  This is done through many outlets because if you want to reach 100% of the marketplace, you must use 100% of the ways…

Here are just a few of the ways you can engage your clients, prospects and communities:

  • ALL Clients are touched at least 29 times each year
  • Nurture Emails – Never Sell – Build relationships
  • Monthly Newsletters (E-NL)
  • SM – Show off your team and their families. Have Fun!
  • Birthdays – Celebrate their special day (email, SM, SMAIL and Phone Call)
  • Thanksgiving Cards
  • Voice Broadcast 4 times a year (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Thanksgiving)
  • AAA Calendar mailing
  • Welcome kit process (2 years out)
  • Referral Rewards Program
  • Support Charity/Non-Profit Events throughout Your Community

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

  • Teach other business owners in your community
  • Spontaneity – Don’t forget to always be paying attention for those special/ maybe emotional moments to WOW your clients (New baby, wedding, etc.)

In this episode, Part 3,  you will discover how you can stay in front of your marketplace all of the time!

What are you doing to solidify the relationship with your clients, prospects and communities?  Please share below in the comments.

Now go out and make a difference, be unstoppable and leave no regrets!

What more can we do for you?



Mike Stromsoe

The Unstoppable Profit Producer


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