Episode 16 : Production Log

Numbers Don’t Lie

Several years ago, we made a seemingly small change to our process that produced mighty results! We created what we call a Production Log, essentially our scoreboard.  Our scoreboard is the result of everything that we’ve worked so hard for.  From our people within our world-class processes, simply promoting the heck out of it and when we promote the heck out of it and we win new business, our scoreboard is our production log.

Our strong encouragement for you is that you should have a public scoreboard, available for everybody to see – all of the time!

What information should your production log contain?
• Name of New Account
• Type of Account
• Carrier
• Annual Premium Amount
• Annual Commission
• Source
• Producer
• NEW UPDATE – Why they bought from you?

This one excel formatted document allows you to see what kinds of business you and your team are earning, what kinds of relationships are working, and what kinds of relationships aren’t working for your business.  It even shows us what carrier are winning with consistently; monthly, quarterly, annually.

Once you have a Production Log in place, you will have the ability to track every piece of new business that enters your agency!

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