Episode 62: Special Guest Alana Fulvio

I am joined today by Alana Fulvio, the “People First” Business Thought Leader.  This business strategist focuses on hiring done right.   Today our discussion will journey into:

  • Bringing best hiring practices to companies such as LinkedIn and GoPro
  • The failure in assuming everybody understands the culture of the company
  • The value of Intentional Leadership


About My Guest:

Alana Fulvio is a 13-time world record-holding athlete in Skydiving with over 3500 jumps, Silicon Valley Founder and CEO, writer, female solo traveler, humanitarian, Super Connector, sentient being advocate and global volunteer. In 2014, Alana quit her 13-year corporate Silicon Valley career as a Lead in-house Recruiter and Talent Acquisition Advisor for companies like LinkedIn and GoPro, after taking them public, to found her company Pendulum; she saw where companies were getting hiring wrong and has created the solutions to eliminate this costly blind spot.

She’s the “People First” Business Thought Leader who has cracked the code on how to get Hiring, Retention, Culture, Employee Performance, and Profit right, earlier than ever in history. She is disrupting the global Startup and small to medium-sized market by eliminating the biggest business profit loss blind spot with her innovative “plug-and-play” solutions, offering the market what it never had before. Alana has personally innovated top business strategies and solutions so businesses get hiring right — in any industry — and is known for building “WE Cultures”: high-performing cultures of retained and profit-driving employees with the least spend and time, with the highest ROI.

She’s an intuit and seer and can see things far deeper and faster than most in the world making her a priceless partner. Alana delivers a differentiating partnership giving her clients the upper hand and accelerating their growth and profitability.

Find out more at: http://www.pendulumglobal.com/


Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!



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Episode 18 : Acre Of Diamonds

Are You Mining Your Acre of Diamonds?

Seems like many continue to focus on pursuing massive amounts of new business/applications from sources outside of your existing book of business and it continues to flow faster than you can handle….right?

Congratulations!! Want more? Why not start with the people and companies that ALREADY know you, trust you, love you and do business with you right now!

The easiest and quickest sales to make are to your current clients. The best referrals come from your current clients. And the highest profits come from retaining (yes, you guessed it) … your current clients.

Now, you may have heard all of this before. But what have you actually done about it?
1. Do you sell 3 or more policies to every client?
2. Do you get 3 or more referrals from every client?
3. Do you retain 93% or more of all your clients each and every year?

Every happy, successful insurance agent I know — the ones who take 6 weeks or more of vacation each year, don’t have to worry about their business. Guess what? They are also experts in the 3 areas above.

That’s right. You see, high-profit agencies spend more and more time talking to their current clients.

One other area in my life I LOVE – is SPEED. Speed in building successful businesses. Money loves speed. Why go slow when you can go fast?! Some time ago, someone I care deeply about said to me, “Mike, it’s okay to listen to others that know more than you do about anything… and run with it!” That moment changed my life…

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PS What’s the number one thing you need to succeed?

Hint: success doesn’t come from planning and strategizing alone (those these things are super important.)
Success comes from actually DOING things.

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