Episode 249: 2 Billion Through True Business Partnerships with David Gabrielsen of Capital Premium Finance

In this episode, David Gabrielsen the founder of Capital Premium Finance shares his entrepreneurial journey of a company with a team of 166 people known for its exceptional leadership and culture. David’s story is one of dedication, faith, and building strong relationships, as he reflects on the challenges and successes of building his business over the years. From facing financial setbacks to nationwide expansion, David shares invaluable insights on perseverance, the importance of family, and the impact of genuine leadership. Join us as we explore the journey of entrepreneurship, the power of positive impact, and the keys to success in business and personal life.


  • His Dad’s advice led to a career shift, learned financial skills.
  • Borrowed money, received help from their brother, and secured a credit facility.
  • Grew business within 10 years.
  • Focus on building trustful relationships with agencies to solve problems and achieve mutual success.
  • Faced with an ultimatum they, found an alternative finance broker.
  • Building strong, genuine partnerships based on integrity and transparency.
  • Being an entrepreneur is tough, learn from mistakes and keep going, find support.
  • Being a leader and providing for family is important, prioritize work and family balance.

About David F. Gabrielsen:

David F. Gabrielsen stands as the visionary founder and dynamic CEO of Capital Premium Financing, Inc. (CPF), a pioneering specialty lending institution dedicated to providing insurance premium financing solutions for commercial enterprises. With a keen entrepreneurial spirit and a forward-thinking approach, Gabrielsen established CPF in 1983, setting the stage for what would become a beacon of innovation, service excellence, and sustained growth within the premium finance loan industry.

Under Gabrielsen’s adept leadership, CPF has flourished, consistently achieving remarkable average annual growth rates exceeding 30%. His hands-on management style and strategic vision have been instrumental in steering the company through the evolving landscape of financial services, ensuring CPF remains at the forefront of product innovation and customer service.

Gabrielsen’s profound understanding of the financial sector, coupled with his commitment to excellence, has fostered a culture of professionalism and expertise within CPF. He leads a distinguished team of financial managers, whose collective experience in commercial banking, investment portfolio management, and financial institution regulation spans over 150 years. This formidable expertise underpins CPF’s reputation as a trusted leader and partner in the industry.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Gabrielsen is recognized for his integrity, leadership, and dedication to fostering long-term partnerships with clients. His contribution to CPF and the broader financial community continues to set standards for service and innovation, making him a respected figure in the world of premium financing.


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