Episode 142: T-E-A-M

The definition of a team is together everybody achieves more.

Even a team of two is a team and today I want to talk to you about how to bring your team together in order to work effectively on your business. One of the key strategies is the team meeting. Now you may have them already in place but are they effective.  Join me as I share the practices for meetings that will have you and your team are on the same page and working towards the same goals.


  • Go into your meetings prepared with your rock-solid agenda.
  • Plan away from the office events a couple of times per year
  • Want to run a successful team meeting? Keep it simple.
  • Learn how to start a meeting with the right tone.
  • Access alternate resources when it will be most impactful
  • Use the 6 to 1 ratio
  • Set appropriate time frames for meetings and review your core values and goals
  • If you don’t have time to do your meetings, train somebody who can, and can do them well
  • Break your team meetings into individual focuses
  • Build a team meeting that allows just your team to raise problems they are having and hear each other’s solutions
  • Discover the effects that an effective team meeting can have on your business and its culture

Resources Mentioned


Sign up for virtual training at http://uppfaststart.com

Become Unstoppable: http://beunstoppablebootcamp.com


Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!


Mike Stromsoe
The Unstoppable Profit Producer
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Episode 80: Team Motivation is like Bathing… It’s Recommended Daily

A properly motivated team will propel your agency forwards to previously unattainable goals.   This week, I discuss a topic that is talked about frequently in UPP circles and realized with my work over North America, that this valuable facet is often being missed or not utilized enough.


  • The importance of spontaneity in motivation
  • The Law of Reciprocity
  • Getting to know your newest team members and their motivations
  • What it means to “Inspire”
  • Celebrating your team members
  • Examples of how UPP motivates its team members


Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!

Mike Stromsoe
The Unstoppable Profit Producer
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Episode 13 : Wheel of Fortune

Our Wheel of Fortune program is, hands down, our very Biggest Team Motivator!

In our particular organization, the “Living Agency Laboratory”, it is done every third Wednesday of the month in our lobby.  What they have to bring in order to qualify to spin the wheel of fortune is their game tracking sheet. The mindset of the activities listed on the sheet are similar to the type of process where we want to get a series of “yeses”. If you’re talking to somebody about insurance, for an example, what you want to do is you want to ask them questions so they’re continually saying “yes”. It’s the same type of thought process with our team members.

We want them to continue to perform activities time and time and time again so that after a while these activities become daily habits.

So we create activities that they will perform such as telling people about our referral program, collecting or updating e mails within all of our systems. There’s lots of ways they can win and the good news about the wheel of fortune you can create your wheel of fortune matrix – anyway that you want.

What you want to always be doing is always be doing something that’s going to keep people on their toes that it’s going to keep it spontaneous so that they never know where you’re coming from. And that’s really, really important in my book. I always keep them guessing, they never know what I’m going to do and it keeps it fun and exciting.

People love games of chance. They love to get involved. They love to see if they can win, including your team members. Good luck!

To your growth and profit,

Mike Stromsoe, Creator of the
Unstoppable Profit Producer Program™
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PS “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
— Aristotle

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