Episode 91: The VIG Way Leads to Profits

Jose Villa had the dream that he wanted to build a legacy and he has done just that. Jose is one of our high performing Platinum Coaching Members and he is here to share how he and his wife built the agency they have today through innovation and technology  Grab a pen and paper.  You are not going to want to miss this!


  • Learning to delegate as you cannot do everything your self
  • The process of implementing change resulting in a change of employees as well
  • How implementing technology saved them time and money; from paperless forms to online client requests to internal checklists
  • Giving the customers the tools to connect with us efficiently and with satisfaction
  • Implementing a renewal strategy that increases retention and the lifetime value of a customer


About Jose Villa

As one of the founders of Villa Insurance Group Jose Villa possesses 15 years of experience in the insurance industry and currently serves as Vice President. His daily responsibilities include marketing development, general agency management and individual client needs analysis with an emphasis on building long term relationships while providing the very best customer experience. His previous experience in the commercial property and construction management have made him a commercial lines insurance specialist and has negotiated and placed hundreds of commercial insurance policies for businesses of all sizes.

In Jose’s spare time he enjoys fishing in our beautiful Washington lakes, mountain bike riding and playing golf. Jose has been married to Jessica Villa and has 3 amazing children. His love of our community and passion for helping others has led him to volunteering in coaching soccer and basketball for his children.




Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!


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Episode 40 : The Elusive Second P

You’ve hired the right people on your team, now what…

You must create world-class processes for them to work within!

Now that you’ve all the right people on your bus, you need to start building your world-class processes for your team of A-Players to work within.

Regardless of what industry you are in, or the type of customers you serve, the challenge of managing process flow and operations across diverse platforms and systems is universal.

In this episode we will discuss a few of the key processes we have designed and implemented within our agency business to increase productivity and client satisfaction:

1. Claims Process – Insurance stinks… until you need it. Your clients buy insurance to make sure their hard earned assets are protected when things happen, so when those times come be sure you are there for them.
2. Task Organizers – A simple system to document your processes, create video tutorials and easily update as systems change.
3. Intranet – This is our internal hub that houses our training, processes, production logs, team calendars, and everything to run a successful agency business.
4. PX3 System for Complete Team Accountability – You have created goals for yourself and the growth of your agency.  What are you doing to pass down this mindset and goal setting skills to your team?

If you want more detail on any of these strategies, you’re invited to join our team and hundreds of other forward-thinking agency owners at the upcoming BeUnstoppable Bootcamp – check out all of the details at www.BeUnstoppableBootcamp.com.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you grow your business, create financial security and have more freedom to live life on your terms!

What more can we do for you?



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Episode 24 : Intranet

The Friction-Free Agency

The only thing that matters is helping you build a business that supports the life of your dreams.  About 12 years ago, our agency was gaining momentum and growing quickly. We had acquired an agency, brought in people from the acquired agency, and brought the entire team together through the definition of each specific, documented task. We were firing on all cylinders. I finally had a business that truly “supported the life I wanted to live”. I was free!

Shortly after that, I noticed the team needed direction. Another roadblock in our evolution. That’s when our Intranet was born. Building an Intranet for your agency business can bring a whole new atmosphere to your business and your team.  Here’s just a few of the benefits this can bring:

  1. Reduces Cost – with an Intranet in place, you can publish most of the company documents, memos and such directly through a webpage, go paperless. This saves you on printing and distributions costs.  What about training costs?  If you could upload training videos directly to the Intranet, for your teams’ use (when they need it), do you think this might free up your time?  That brings me to the next item…
  2. Saves Time – How much is your time worth? Have you recently calculated what an hour of your time is worth? With all of your agencies documents in one place, it is easier and quicker to add new or update existing information and make it instantly available. When your top producer needs a form, they know right where to look – no more searching endlessly through computer folders, numerous workstations and simply wasting your valuable time.
  3. Teamwork – An Intranet offers an environment where your team members can share knowledge and support, edit and manage documents/projects as a group and promote virtual team working. Keep everyone on the same page with announcement section, interoffice memos, team calendar, FAQs, employee handbook, team motivational programs and the list goes on.
  4. Increase Productivity and Effectiveness – By reducing cost, saving time at every corner and setting a stage for your team to enhance their communication and collaboration, you have become more productive and effective as individuals and an agency alike.

An Intranet has made a tremendous impact in my agency and many others. I encourage you to do a little research and see if an Intranet is the right solution for your agency business.

Here are just a couple resources for an intranet:

  1. Intranet Concepts.  http://www.intranetconcepts.com/
  2. Josh Nadler at Awesurance – www.awesurance.com
  3. and many others, just google it!

To your success,

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PS  BTW, building an Intranet was not easy and took months of blood and sweat during afterhours work.   If you would like to virtually eliminate your pain and take advantage of my pain, see my limited time offer below.

PPS  The next LIVE BeUnstoppable Bootcamp 3 Day Event is just around the corner.  If you are ready to take the leap and start living life on your own terms, Call 800-770-9984, email [email protected]  or visit www.BeUnstoppableBootcamp.com today!

Episode 10 : Task Organizers

How to Develop Your Own Friction-Free
Agency So Every Team Member Can
Achieve and Enjoy Their Lives!

Phone calls, emails, faxes, text messages, instant messages, underwriters, marketing reps, client(s) in the office, escrows, deadlines, cert needed – sound familiar? You are not alone.

Some of the frustration and anxiety that surface in any or all of the above tasks is of our own making. Be honest. Remember, all progress starts by telling the truth. It’s ok. Rather than beating yourself up, take action and do something about it, once and for all. We are here to help.

The solution is so easy, it still to this day makes me ill when I think about how easy it was to implement.