Episode 201: Implementer of the Year Shares Her Secrets with Erin Neill

Implementing the three P’s, (People, Process and Promotion) in the best ways to continue to grow her agency, create wealth, and have more freedom, won Erin Neill the audience vote for Implementer of the Year. Listen in as Erin shares some of the strategies she used to achieve her goal do writing a million dollars in new business premiums and create processes for her team and clients to access information effectively and efficiently.


  • Developing a Silver, Gold, and VIP client segmentation to determine where to focus.
  • Sending gifts to clients based on their designations in order to encourage referrals.
  • Utilizing a handwritten note to individuals with insurance licenses to draw them into her award-winning agency.
  • Pulling inspiration from Bill Butler, Erin created her own intranet that has become a great source for her team and freed up her time to focus on other things.
  • The benefit of being a member of the platinum coaching and the wealth of information garnered from mastermind members.

About Erin:

“Hi! I’m Erin Neill, the principal agent and owner of Hanby Insurance. I began my career in 1999 at a Nationwide Insurance agency in Garland, Texas. Born and raised in the Dallas area. I am a proud Texan! I have traced my Texas roots back to 1853 when my family first came to the Rockwall area. When I am not in the office I enjoy spending time with my husband, Jeremy Neill, and our two daughters, Charlee and Georgia. We enjoy traveling as a family, Walt Disney World is one of our favorite destinations. I am also passionate about serving the local community. I currently serve on the board of directors for Meals on Wheels Senior Services of Rockwall County and I am a member of Soroptimist International of Rockwall, a women’s organization that is dedicated to improving the life of women and girls throughout the world.”



Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!


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Episode 24 : Intranet

The Friction-Free Agency

The only thing that matters is helping you build a business that supports the life of your dreams.  About 12 years ago, our agency was gaining momentum and growing quickly. We had acquired an agency, brought in people from the acquired agency, and brought the entire team together through the definition of each specific, documented task. We were firing on all cylinders. I finally had a business that truly “supported the life I wanted to live”. I was free!

Shortly after that, I noticed the team needed direction. Another roadblock in our evolution. That’s when our Intranet was born. Building an Intranet for your agency business can bring a whole new atmosphere to your business and your team.  Here’s just a few of the benefits this can bring:

  1. Reduces Cost – with an Intranet in place, you can publish most of the company documents, memos and such directly through a webpage, go paperless. This saves you on printing and distributions costs.  What about training costs?  If you could upload training videos directly to the Intranet, for your teams’ use (when they need it), do you think this might free up your time?  That brings me to the next item…
  2. Saves Time – How much is your time worth? Have you recently calculated what an hour of your time is worth? With all of your agencies documents in one place, it is easier and quicker to add new or update existing information and make it instantly available. When your top producer needs a form, they know right where to look – no more searching endlessly through computer folders, numerous workstations and simply wasting your valuable time.
  3. Teamwork – An Intranet offers an environment where your team members can share knowledge and support, edit and manage documents/projects as a group and promote virtual team working. Keep everyone on the same page with announcement section, interoffice memos, team calendar, FAQs, employee handbook, team motivational programs and the list goes on.
  4. Increase Productivity and Effectiveness – By reducing cost, saving time at every corner and setting a stage for your team to enhance their communication and collaboration, you have become more productive and effective as individuals and an agency alike.

An Intranet has made a tremendous impact in my agency and many others. I encourage you to do a little research and see if an Intranet is the right solution for your agency business.

Here are just a couple resources for an intranet:

  1. Intranet Concepts.  http://www.intranetconcepts.com/
  2. Josh Nadler at Awesurance – www.awesurance.com
  3. and many others, just google it!

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PS  BTW, building an Intranet was not easy and took months of blood and sweat during afterhours work.   If you would like to virtually eliminate your pain and take advantage of my pain, see my limited time offer below.

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