Episode 203: Extraordinary Opportunity with David Bush

David Bush “empowers success seekers to live their dreams and change their world by coaching them to overcome the barriers they face to achieve extraordinary results in every area of their lives.”
Join me as I sit down with David to discuss the importance of nourishing your mindset, coaching as an invaluable resource, and the barriers that stop people from achieving your dreams.  If you are stuck getting yourself to the next level in both your business and in life, then you are not going to want to miss this episode.



  • Re-identify your priorities as your family is your number one referral source and your number one client in life.
  • David wants to leave his legacy knowing that he led a life spent awakening people and connecting people to the resources, the idea, the tools, the strategies, and the people doing extraordinary things.
  • Discover the four major barriers that may be stopping you from achieving your dreams and goals.
  • O P P O R T U N I T Y I S N O W H E R E – How you read this may say a lot about your personal framework.
  • Coaching gives you different directions to go around a barrier that you may have not seen before.
  • Discover David’s overview for the acronym of LEADER; the six commitments to live an extraordinary life.
  • “On the other side of those failures is that success if you’re willing to cross that bridge”


About our Guest:

David Bush, Author, Speaker and Extraordinary Results Coach

Through his coaching and motivational speaking, David inspires entrepreneurial leaders to design and live extraordinary lives. His passion for developing exceptional leaders and high performance teams translates into a high energy and powerful message that empowers individuals to live their dreams and change their world.

David’s captivating message and coaching system on how ordinary people can live extraordinary lives has become a life operating system for many influential leaders.

With a unique blend of humor, insightful storytelling and take-home success strategies, David guides leaders on an inspiring ride and he challenges them to get out of their COMFORT CAVES and become extraordinary CLIFF CLIMBERS in everything they do.

Top industry leaders from across the nation have called on David to coach them and their teams to extraordinary levels of success and significance.


Find him on:

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Until next time, get out there and make a difference, be unstoppable, and leave no regrets!

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