Episode 37 : Become The Leader You Would Follow – Part 1

Would I Follow Me?

It is my sincere belief that you have unique gifts and talents that have ONLY been given to YOU.

That you have a calling in your life and a significant purpose to live out.


In your own special way…you influence others.  You engage your kids, friends, & co-workers into your vision,  ideas and choices.

This is when most people think… “Who me? I’m not a leader I’m just a ______.”

That is total BS!


You are called to a specific purpose and my job and goal is to help draw it out of you.

To light up that flame inside your belly to go for your dreams and to live your life to the fullest every single day.  To be the best version of yourself which will in turn inspire those around you to also unleash their true potential as well.

If you resonate with any part of what I’m saying then I want to really encourage you to explore learning more about growing your leadership skills.  Whether you’re a parent, salesperson, or entrepreneur…you ARE a leader and you influence those around you.

It’s time to master your leadership skills, grow the leaders around you and build your legacy… no more playing it safe or being “average.”  Ask the question “Would I follow me?”

Make a difference, be unstoppable and leave no regrets!

What more can we do for you?


Mike Stromsoe , Creator of the

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